Reflect: February 2017

February was quite a good month. We seem to have settled a few issues that were bugging us in January.

Primary School Life
We have established a certain routine for the boy. On weekday nights, he will revise his spelling and 听写 before the “test” date. And once its over, he will start learning next week’s spelling list. And he had to learn half of the list each day. I think he find this more manageable and is able to do it for the last 2 weeks. I have also set out to revise with him one subject each night, and weekends are reserved for learning his 听写 and doing his homework from Berries. He still complains a little on weekend, but there is less “shouting” on my part, and at the end of the day we achieve what we want to do. We are into our 2nd week of this routine, so we shall to see how it goes.

Waking up in the morning is still a struggle for the boy. We now adopt the no iPad or TV on Sunday to Thursday night rule, so that his brain is not over active and he can sleep earlier. It helps a little but this boy is generally more active at night. So we are still trying to find a way to make our morning happier. LOL.

Preparing for P1
We attended the girl’s curriculum briefing about a week ago and realize that many of her classmates parents are anxious about their kids academic development. This sets me thinking as I know the girl, for now, is not academically as strong as her brother. But she is definitely more hardworking than him. I’m not sure how she will adapt to school next year. But I told myself I have to work on her sight-reading in both English and Chinese, as reading is the basis of learning. She generally has no issues with Math, but I’m still working with her on that too, just so she has one less subject to worry about when she enters P1.

All Grown Up
Last month we were still talking about the littlest reluctance to go to school. And suddenly, after the CNY break, the littlest grew up. He can say “Bye Bye” happily to Daddy after he drops him, collects and eats his breakfast by himself. His teacher also shares with us that he is initiating play with his friends. So happy with his growth, but it suddenly occurs to me that he is shedding his baby-ness already. Oh~ I need to hide in a corner and tear.


  • Health
    • I aim to declutter the bad habits in my health like reducing chilled drinks and tea. However, I am not able to do it this month! Too many 1-for-1 promotion from Starbucks and I’m like drinking one every other day.
    • I need to reduce Starbucks and do exercises (haven’t done any exercise in February!). But I did manage to bring my own lunch for 3 weeks. Hope to continue in Mar!
  • Kids
    • Decluttering their weekend is what we did in February. However, it looks hard in March, as there are so many interesting activities going on in March. Now we adopt the, ask the kids first before going strategy. Let’s see how it works out.

      Instead of cramping our weekends with activities, some days we just go for a simple outdoor playground time at the neighborhood.
    • Oh and I forgot to add, I couldn’t resist and bought the kids some toys and books in Feb. There goes the decluttering of their cupboards.
    • One-to-One dates are still zero, but we have pockets of one-to-one time like before school, while going for ballet classes and after GorGor and JieJie finishes their work. But I really need to find one-to-one date time for all 3.
  • Couple
    • I’m still trying to be more independent when it comes to handling the kids. And we manage to have date nights catching movie, play and concert! Hope this continues.

      We manage to go for a culinary class to celebrate Valentine Day and caught a play at Huayi Festival and Jacky Cheung’s concert in Feb!
  • Self
    • Didn’t manage to declutter but did a round of online shopping in Feb! Argh..
    • Reading is progressing but not consistent as most nights I’m so tired that I fell asleep almost immediately after hitting the bed.
    • As for decluttering bad thoughts, I am making a conscious effort and I think I’m more positive now. I need to remind myself and hope that this can continue. 🙂

How was your February?


3 thoughts on “Reflect: February 2017

  1. Sounds like you’re getting into a good routine and it’s working for your family. : ) Great that you’re having dates! Keep it up! As for teas hahaha… It’s gotta be cold turkey I think.. I’ve unconsciously eliminated sugar from my milk teas. Growing older liao…lol. Hope you have a breakthrough in your decluttering!

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