Reflect: January 2017

For the last two years, I have been doing quarterly review of my resolutions. Starting this year, I hope to do a monthly sum up of what we did for the month and how far I am away from my resolution. The idea came from Christy from Kids ‘R’ Simple, who started doing her monthly review last year. It is a good recording of key events and also more importantly for me reflect and do minor tweaks to my resolutions.

Primary School Life
We spend a large amount of time adjusting to Primary School life in January. I have to wake up early with the boy to help prep him and most days he reaches home later than his childcare days as he attends student care. And upon reaching home, he still have homework to finish or spelling to learn. It was quite a huge change for him that in the first weekend after school starts, he slept till late morning and told us he wishes to stay home to chillax. I really pity him, but its something we all have to learn and go through. I hope by doing all these, it will make him understand that he has to step up to his responsibilities and learn to be more resilient.

The boy’s seat in class. Surrounded by 2 girls. Hmmm… LOL

I hope by this week, with all the festivities finishing soon, we can fix on an after school schedule for him. He has yet to do any revision for the work he learned in school. I will hope to cultivate that habit in him but this will take time. But, yet, I do not want to overload him with unnecessary work that it kills his interest in learning and room for creative growth. This is such a difficult process. I’m still trying to look for more fun way to reinforce what he learns in school. Anybody with good resources on this, do let me know.

Learning Ballet
After changing her mind a few times, the girl finally decides to formally learn dancing. We brought her for a trial class the week before CNY. She enjoyed herself and requested to be enrolled. So this will formally start my girl’s journey in ballet. I hope she will enjoy dancing as much (if not more) as I do. And at the same time, I have to remind myself to check on her feet development so that they will not be deformed due to dancing. Can’t wait for her to share more of what she learn in class. And I hope she can stay motivated and continue dancing till she grow old. LOL.

Adapting to Childcare
For the littlest, it was a month of adapting to “school”. Although he started in December last year, it appears that the boy is slowly starting to “dislike” school. He cries when Chubby leave him in the morning and his teachers feedback that he appeared moody throughout the day. And he fell sick a few times this month, taking in all the germs in school.

This expression pretty much sum up the littlest January. Grouchy. LOL.

Chubby and I conclude that his moodiness may be due to our lack of time for him. Very often he will come to the dining table and climb onto my lap when I’m eating dinner at night. Or when I’m trying to teach the elder two, he will run before his GorGor and “chop” his seat. Chubby and I agree that we need to spend more time with him. Probably I will involve him when I teaches the elder two, or go on date with him when the elder two goes for enrichment classes.

Driving License
On my personal front, I finally got my driving license! After a few failed attempts and thoughts of giving up. I’m glad I manage to do it. But I still have issues driving on the road and particularly parking. LOL. But nonetheless, with one thing down, means I have more time for myself and the family. And also the convenience and independence it brings.

The first time I drove out alone and parked my car without help. It was after many attempts going in and out and causing inconvenience to other drivers. But I did it in the end!


  • Health
    I manage to reduce my chilled drinks intake. I refrain from drinking bubble tea and ordered hot tea while at Starbucks. So I think that is the one small step I did for my health decluttering. I hope to Swim or Run once a week starting this month.
  • Kids
    I manage to declutter the kids toys and clothes before the new year. And also I didn’t buy anything for them this month, well except for new year clothes. This is something I haven’t done for a long while. On top of what I achieve this month, I hope I will have time for 1-to-1 dates for all three of them. Particularly the littlest who is a little left out now.
  • Couple
    Hopefully with my driving license, it means I can depend less on Chubby to chauffeur us around and causing inconvenience to him. But unfortunately, we didn’t have much chance to go on a date last month. However, for this month we have already planned two date night out. I hope there is more to come!
  • Self
    I think I have somewhat achieve a lot for myself this month. I reduced my time spend on social media, reduces the game I play, cut down on the topics on my blog, declutter my wardrobe and didn’t shop online. The one thing I want to focus this month is reading one page or a small section each night.

This is our very busy January. How was yours?


5 thoughts on “Reflect: January 2017

  1. Hi Jac, finally found a time to reply this post! Congrats on the driving license! I have no courage to drive hence will be waiting for my kids to chauffeur me around in future lol!

    We share the same sentiments for our time spent with all 3 kids. It is indeed challenging and No. 3 is always the left out one. Looking forward to learning from you!

    And I like your decluttering goals! I have yet to cut down social media. Did you manage to check in lesser on fb? How do you do it?

    Looking forward to reading your next round up posts!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Christy. I’m also looking for ways to spend more time with No. 3. I feel so bad that he is left out. We need to learn from each other. LOL.
      Yes, I manage to check in lesser simply because I have no time. LOL. I leave my phone in the room when I’m back home. And I don’t touch it until I’m done with all the work and spending time with the kids. With so many things on my mind I really have no time for social media. LOL.

      1. That’s good for you! I have not been successful in checking lesser times on social media. Great time waster for sure haha! What an irony!

        Yeah, we should learn from each other on spending time with the kids. Looking forward to reading our February post!

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