Development: TT @ 24 Months

The “last” post that I will be tracking the Littlest development. Time just zoom past when you have young ones at home.

Mastered Skills

  • Can name at least six body parts on a doll
    I should think so. I have definitely heard eyes, ears, teeth and hands.
  • Half of his speech is understandable
    Yup. We could understand him most time.
  • Can make short sentences
    Yes. His favourite is “Pease MeeMee iPad” *sigh*.

Emerging Skills

  • Starts talking about self
    Not really. Apart from “TT 的” he doesn’t really say much about himself. Though he will say “不要” for things he doesn’t want.
  • Can arrange things in categories
    I guess so. In school, he has to sort the toys by categories and color. He somewhat was able to do it.
  • Can walk down stairs

Advanced Skills

  • Begins to understand abstract concepts like sooner and later
    Don’t think so. When we ask him to wait or we will give him later, he will just cry or throw a tantrum. So don’t think he understands.
  • Becomes attuned to gender differences
    Don’t think so.
  • Learns to jump
    Somewhat? He will attempt to leap, but his two feet is still on the floor. LOL.
Getting ready to blow his candles when we celebrated his birthday with GongGong and PoPo

Dear TT,

You turn 2 a few days ago! Unfortunately you fell ill the night before and couldn’t celebrate your birthday in school. Fortunately, we manage to celebrate with GongGong and PoPo the weekend before and you still got to cut and eat your cake.

You are getting more assertive this month. You will always claim “mine” or “TT 的”, and not allow others to touch or use your things. Well, Mummy and Daddy just have to teach you how to share over time.

You have adapted relatively well in school. Heard there is a new friend who will only hold your hand. Hope you can continue to be a support for your classmates as you are the GorGor in class. You seems to be playing well with the teachers too. Not only your own class teacher, but teachers from other classes. We heard you went around sharing your little packet of raisins albeit with your saliva quoted fingers. LOL. Well, some of your teachers really don’t mind your kind gesture. Mummy hope you can stay this way.

You are still very active and can throw a tantrum very easily. Mummy hope the school will be a good training ground for you to learn self-control during this growing up phase of your life. And fortunately, Mummy was reminded by Dr Zhang to not give you sweet stuff. And that is where Mummy noticed that you get really active and throws a tantrum easily. So until you are much older, Mummy is going to cut down on the sweet things for you.

Your health hasn’t really been the greatest the last two months. You fell ill and wasn’t in school for an entire week last month. And this week you are sick again. Hopefully these are part and parcel of you improving immunity. Mummy hope you get well soon.

In the coming year, Mummy hope you will stay joyful, become healthier and can learn more self-control. Mummy and Daddy love you!



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