2017: Declutter

This post is a little late as I was busy preparing my eldest for his P1 which started a few days ago. For 2016, I choose the keyword ‘Focus‘. I did manage to focus on certain things as I reviewed my ‘resolutions’ quarterly. For this year, the keyword is ‘Declutter’. It is a continuation of ‘Focus’ as I try to remove unnecessary things in my overcrowded life so that I can focus better. I set out some bite-size goals to help achieve the ‘Decluttering’.

I fell sick just before the Christmas season. From overdose of chocolates. LOL. I couldn’t really enjoy my time in Malacca as my throat was hurting. This year I have to remind myself again to keep a healthy lifestyle so that I can take care of my family. So I will need to declutter to remove all unhealthy habits and promote good ones.

  • Reduce junk food intake to once a week
  • Reduce chilled drinks (including bubble tea, etc) to once a month
  • Reduce intake of tea (including Starbucks and Bubble Tea) to once a week
  • Spend 5 minutes every day to do stretching or Pilates
  • Swim or run once a week
  • Cook and bring my own lunch

The kids are way too busy and have too many things (toys, books, clothes, stationary).

  • Reduce their activities on weekends
  • Reduce their homework time by covering only 1 subject each night
  • Read only 1 language of book each night
    (i.e. alternate between English and Chinese each day)
  • Throw/Donate away some of their toys, clothes and books.
  • Buy lesser toys, clothes and books
  • Reduce junk food intake of the kids (including processed food)
  • More one-to-one time or dates with the kids

We both believe that only a loving couple will raise happy kids. So kids aside, we also need to make time for each other.

  • Reduce my expectation/dependency on Chubby, thereby reducing friction
    (Such as bringing the kids or attempt to do things myself)
  • Date nights at least once a month
  • More exercise time with Chubby

I need to declutter my own schedule too. I have way too many things that I want to do and gets upset when I keep feeling I have a long “to-do” list.

  • Reduce time on social media by
    • Checking Facebook 3 times a day
    • Checking Instagram on alternate days
  • Reduce the games I play to 1
    (I can get carried away playing games)
  • Reduce the topics on the Blog
    (From 2017 onwards, I decide to declutter the topics on my blog. I will only be posting about the books we read, travel and also post like this that review our 2017.)
  • Read 1 page or small section of book each night
  • Throw / Donate clothes that I no longer wear
    (Hope I can reduce my wardrobe by half)
  • Reduce online shopping and surf lesser on shopping site
    (Since I learned about Taobao a few years back, I have been spending a lot of money buying things from China. Some are really good buy, but most time I bought things which are not necessary. In 2017, I want to stop doing that.)
  • Reduce bad thoughts and stay positive
    (Sometimes I will think that I’m suay, not lucky in local language. But in 2017 I need to start thinking otherwise because its really a matter of how I look at the matter. And I believe in luck following when you stay positive.)

I am not attempting to complete all the bite-size goals all at a time. But hopefully I will be doing consistently doing most of them by end of 2017.

The first dawn of 2017 at Bukit Timah hill.

3 thoughts on “2017: Declutter

  1. I like reading your declutter ideas. Interesting ones like reduce fb check to 3x a day, reduce kids’ activities on weekends, bring your own lunch are similar to mine. My gal is taking PSLE this yr and I am getting more and more ganjiong cos I feel I have been laid back long enough. So we will have to cut down activities on weekends so that she has time for homework and revision.

    I need to cut down fb time too! I think 3x a day is practical. I have thought of once a week which I am sure will fail!

    I am bringing salad 2x a week to work too. I haven tot of cooked lunch though.

    I am happy to read that you are determine to think positively. I think that is so IMPORTANT! Toast to a happy 2017! 🙂

  2. Happy 2017, Christy! Yes I tried to make bite-size aims so that it is easier to accomplish my “decluttering” resolution.

    And I read somewhere actually just start by a small change overtime situations will improve. The author gave an example of flossing just one teeth everyday to form the habit of flossing, and slowly increase over time. Or start by reading a page everyday and increase over time. That is what I aim to do also. Start small for a bigger change.

    Good luck to your girl and you in this PSLE year!

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