Development: TT @ (Amazing) 21 Months

This is certainly an amazing month for the littlest. Read on after the chart to find out what happened.

Mastered Skills

  • Can walk up steps
    Yup. He can do so without holding on to anything but he has to walk slowly. Sometimes he gets uncomfortable, he will grab on to the side railing.
  • Enjoys helping around the house
    Hmm. We didn’t really see that. Maybe the helper has done all the job.
  • Can set simple goals
    Hmm. Well, if he is determined to get onto the chair we can’t really stop him. He will try ways and means to get up. Is this considered?

Emerging Skills

  • Can throw a ball overarm
    I have seen him throw things ‘overarm’, but not really ball. And his ‘overarm’ were not entirely over.
  • Can kick a ball
    Yup. And he loves it.
  • Can make building brick towers
    I guess so. There was once he took out can drinks and started stacking them on top of each other. He still doesn’t have a love in Lego yet.

Mastered Skills

  • Can name cat or dog when you show a picture
    Yes for dog. He will say ‘dog’. But for other animals sometimes he makes sound. He calls bird ‘chip chip’.
  • Can make short sentences
    Yes. That day my MIL was asking who wants to eat ice-cream. The elder two were busy watching video, and he was playing on his own. When he suddenly stand up and shouted “Me Eat” and ran to the kitchen. It amuses all of us.
  • Can walk down stairs
    Yup. For one of two steps. After which he will want to hold on to the hand or side for safety.
The littlest got his hair shaved because Daddy hopes that he can grow thicker hair.

Dear TT,

Mummy is naming this an amazing month because a few amazing things happened this month. First off, you actually pronounce a 3 syllabus word to Mummy! That day you walked into the room you share with your siblings, picked a book and started flipping the pages. When you come to a page where the Dinosaur inside was eating something green, you actually point to it and told me “bar-cor-ny” (It’s actually brocoli. Oh well, you probably picked it up from MaaMaa who couldn’t pronounce it properly). Though the pronunciation is off, but Mummy is surprise that you can manage a 3-syllabus word at this age. Auntie and MaaMaa has taught you well. The following day you also told me that you are eating “to-ma-to” (though it’s actually potato that you are eating). And you said “banana” instead of “na-na” like your siblings when they are your age. It’s really amazing. When Mummy was afraid of your speech developments a few months ago.

Another amazing thing that happened was a little incident. One day, you were home alone with Auntie. Auntie went out of the house to throw something into the recycling bin and the door closed on her, with you still inside! Auntie panic of course. She tried calling Mummy but cannot explain herself clearly. And I think you realize that Auntie is not in the house so you actually stand near the door and cried. Auntie tried to coax you and ask you to help open the door. And the unbelievable thing happened, you actually did. We couldn’t figure out how you manage to find the height and strength to pull down the handle bar and open a small gap for Auntie to push in. It was certainly amazing. You refuse to show us how you did it too. But we are glad this is over without any big hoo-ha.

In a few months time, you will be joining JieJie in school and there is bound to be more amazing things that happen as you go through the learning journey. Mummy hope that you will enjoy school like GorGor and JieJie. And all the best in adapting to the environment.



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