Book: The Day the Crayons Came Home

After we read about how Duncan’s crayon quit, we are very happy to know that there is a sequel to it!

So, it was another day that Duncan took out his crayons to color. Nope this time round his crayons are still around, just that he noticed another stack of postcards meant for him. It’s from the crayons that he has forgotten.

Postcards are something quite ‘alien’ to the kids these days. The boy knows about it because the last time we were in Melbourne, we bought a postcard and post it back to my parents. It’s a good experience and I think it serve as a good memento too. Try it the next time you go travelling.

Similarly, this story book is full of jokes that make the kids laugh.

Remember the two colors that wanted to be the Sun. Guess what happened to them?

This books also introduces more less-known colors like Neon Red, Pea Green, Burnt Sienna, etc. Colors that even Mummy doesn’t know they exists. LOL.

And similar to the previous book, different feelings are brought up. This time round, the kids learn about embarrassment.

Make a guess why is Brown so embarrassed?

This book also touch lightly on countries as they show Neon Red going on a tour before reaching ‘home’.

But my favourite page of the book is really this.

There are characters from both books on this page.

I like how he creatively solve the ‘problem’ for everyone and it’s just such a happy page to look at.

This book can be found in most National Library

  • Section: Junior Lending Picture Book
  • Call Number: English DAY

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