Development: TT @ 20 Months

Milestone chart from Baby Centre.

Mastered Skills

  • Will pretend to feed a doll
    Yes, though he likes to feed us and himself more.
  • Can take off own clothes with help
    Not really. He will pull up his shirt but can’t really do anything more than that. For pants, he could barely pull it down.
  • Will throw away an object such as rubbish in imitation
    I’m very sure he didn’t just threw away rubbish.

Emerging Skills

  • Learn words at a rate of ten or more a day
    He is definitely speaking more now. However, lazy Mommy has not been teaching him much. So I doubt he is at this rate at the present moment.
  • Can walk up (but probably not down) stairs
    Yes, but he still need to hold on to the side railings for guidance. Same for going down.
  • Searches for hidden objects
    Yes. He loves wearing GorGor shoes these days. So I have to hide it somewhere. And he will observe and try to find where I hide the shoes.

Advanced Skills

  • May start exploring genitals
    Have not really seen him doing that yet.
  • Draws straighter lines
    He loves to doodle. But so far they are still quite curvy.
  • Names several body parts
    No. Lazy Mommy again.


Dear TT,

We survived 1 month without A-Ti. Mummy is glad that you manage to adapt to our new A-Ti quite well. She seems to like you too. Carrying you when you eat or even when making milk for you.

You are also making progress in your speech this month. More words are coming out from you. Mummy thought she heard you saying “Peease MeeMee iPad/oped Door”. Mummy couldn’t make out you are trying to ask Mummy to open the door or trying to tell me my iPad is outside the door. Nonetheless its so cute.

We have also heard you say “bread”, “apple”, “fish”, etc. That day you are also in a good mood and said “谢谢” for the things we do for you. I must say MaaMaa have taught you well. Mummy only wish she has more time to read to you. And you are willing to listen to Mummy. Nowadays when Mummy tried to read to you, you just roam around ignoring Mummy. Well, Mummy just gotta try harder.

You still love your water play and bath tub time. There was a few times we setup water play at the balcony and you can play with it for a long time. Scooping water and pouring them over, making yourself entirely wet. And you always cry when we bring you out of the bath tub as you want to continue playing. The other time when we bring you to West Coast Park, you spend a long time scooping sand and pouring it out. You didn’t mind that they went onto your clothes. Mummy is happy that you are slowly adapting to sand play.

And you are such a TV kid. You can practically watch anything on the TV. Evening time when MaaMaa watches her TV you join her. And will “run” to the TV when you hear commerical breaks. Sigh, how do I get you to like reading more and TV less? Well, I guess we have to take things one step at a time.

So for now, stay happy, healthy and cute. Mummy loves you, always.



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