Development: TT @ 19 Months

Mastered Skills

  • Can use a spoon and fork
    Yes. He loves to feed himself. He is not very good with them as he tends to hold it right at the end. So by the time it reaches his mouth, some will drop along the way or he needs to use other hand to help push the food in. He uses his left hand most of the time when he eats.
  • Can run
    Somewhat. This little guy is an explorer. He likes to walk around and when you try to catch him back, he will “run” away from you.
  • Can throw a ball underarm
    Nope. I see him more throwing over head. Or more of him dropping the ball from his head.

Emerging Skills

  • Half of speech may be understandable
    Nope. I have a hard time trying to make out what he says. He speaks more now, but sometimes he will be mumbling some weird stuff that we totally have no idea what he is saying.
  • Recognises when something is wrong (e.g. calling a dog a cat)
    Not so sure about this. Sometimes he does laugh when he notice that we “named” the things wrongly. But we are not sure if he really knows what he is laughing at.

Advanced Skills

  • Can wash and dry hands and brush teeth with help
    Wash hand somewhat. He knows to put soap and will rub, but he doesn’t know he has to rinse the soap off. He knows where to go to dry his hands. Brushing teeth is tricky. He loves “brushing” his teeth, but would not let us do it properly. He just love chewing onto his toothbrush.
  • Can point to picture of cat or dog when you say the word
    Nope. That day he saw a picture of a horse, he calls it a “dog”…
  • May know when she needs to urinate
    Actually, we didn’t check him out on this. I think he has a potential for early potty training, but we are too lazy so he somewhat lost his skills. When he was younger, we took off the diaper, he will stand for a while than look at himself there, and next thing, he pees. But I’m seeing less of those. Sigh lazy Mummy at fault.
Daddy Wannabe. The littlest pretending to be Daddy, working on his laptop at his messy desk. LOL.

Dear TT,

Another wonderful month with you have passed. Every night when Mummy sees you asleep, she cannot help but think where has her little baby gone. In a few months time you will be going to school and you will be officially “two”. On one hand, Mummy wishes you to grow up and be more independent. On the other hand, Mummy wishes you to remain small and adorable. Mummy is just greedy. LOL.

Fortunately, we survived without ‘A-ti’ for two weeks already. You haven’t really call out to ‘A-ti’. Probably because there is a new ‘A-ti’ which you call ‘A-ti’ too. So we don’t really know which ‘A-ti’ are you referring to. Your old ‘A-ti’ really misses you, she messages Mummy a few times to express it. And this two weeks, you have been more cranky than ever. Not sure if it is because you are feeling less secure without one of your favourite person around. Mummy hope you can reunite with ‘A-ti’ soon.

Your love for music and dance have not diminish. Recently Mummy notice you can hum to the songs you like and even “sing” your favourite “小苹果”. When we reach the part “怎么爱你都不嫌多”, you can join us at the “爱你” part. Though maybe half a beat slower. You are so cute (Ok, Mummy is bias).

You are also getting better at getting your way. You will willingly kiss us on our lips when you want to eat something or get something. Or sometimes say “爱你” to get what you want. Well, Mummy usually melt at your adorable voice. Mummy always says, you have the “sweetest mouth” when it comes to calling people. Maybe that’s why you get away with things also.

Your favourite game now is “Where is GorGor/JieJie?”. This is a game where your GorGor or JieJie will shout out the above questions infront of you and they will run to hide. You always squeal in laughter as you run around to follow and look for them. These are moments where Mummy felt really happy seeing the play and love among you three.

Do you know your GorGor and JieJie really love you? I have never seen them throwing a tantrum at you. Even if you scream at them. They still treat you nicely and give in to your request. They also like to do silly things to make you laugh, which you will gamely do so. Encouraging them to do more. I think you love them too. You squeal into laughter and call them when they reach home from school.

Its funny how you call JieJie now. When you are upset with her, you will call her by her name though not very accurately (you call her Dee Xi). When we correct you, you will change it to JieJie. I guess its because you hear all of us call her by her name rather than “JieJie”. But nontheless, its cute, so Mummy sometimes call JieJie “Dee Xi” too. LOL.

So meanwhile, just continue to stay healthy, adorable and “sweet”. And whatever it is, Mummy and Daddy love you always.



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