Indoor: Nickelodeon Slime Cup SG

Weekend is just round the corner, if you are looking for some activity to do this weekend, how about some Slimy Sports? Sounds disgusting, nah, its going to be interesting.  Here is why:

Fourth Year in SG
This is the fourth year Nickelodeon is holding the Slime Cup in Singapore. If it is not good, I don’t think they will be coming back for the fourth time.

Kids Favourite Meet and Greet
Which kids don’t like to see their favourite characters up close in real life? This year Make It Pop stars, SpongeBob Square Pants, Patrick Star, Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol and Leo and Donnie from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtleswill be at the event.

Sport Challenge with Slime Factors
Human Foosball, Slime Bowling and Giant Slime Slingshot just to name a few are available for play that day. I’m pretty sure we will be covered by Slime by the end of the day. So do remember to pack extra clothes!

Dress-up and Photo Station
If you have a girl (like ours) who isn’t into sports, there is a dress up station, where they can smear some slime and put on temporary tattoos. Afterwhich, take some wefie, hashtag it with  #SlimeCupSG on Instagram, your picture will be printed and you can redeem it at the photo station.

Photo Source: Nickeldeon Slime Cup SG

So when is this happening? This Saturday (16 Jul) and Sunday (17 Jul) at City Square Mall. Do note that 16 Jul is for Singtel subscribers only. And admission is FREE. For more details check out their official website.


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