Development: TT @ 17 Months

Finally catching up on the development of TT. Our littlest is a month shy from 1.5 y.o.!

Mastered Skills

  • Uses a handful of words regularly
    Yup. His favourite: Drop, Biscuit, Sit, Bye Bye, Maisy.
  • Enjoys pretend games
    He could be seen frequently at the toy kitchen cooking up a storm. He also goes to GorGor’s and JieJie’s desk to “write”.
  • Likes riding toys
    Yes. He loves to climb up and down his tricycle, though he couldn’t really ride. He has another striding bike, which he will get on and try to stride, but mainly moves backwards.

Emerging Skills

  • Responds to directions (e.g. “Sit down”)
    Yes. He understands when we tell him to sit down. But the moment his butt touch the chair, he stands up again. LOL.
  • Feeds doll
    Yes. He “feeds” us too.
  • Talks more clearly
    Hmm. The words that he says often is definitely clearer. But he hasn’t really pick up a wider range of vocab.

Advanced Skills

  • Dances to music
    Yes. He love to dance. He will put his hands up (like a rocker) or shake his backside when he hears the music he likes.
  • Sorts toys by colour, shape or size
    Didn’t really try that with him. But he likes going to his siblings desk and picks all the small sharpener out and place them in a corner. Should do more sorting games with him.
  • Kicks ball forward
    Tricky. He loves playing with the ball and chasing after it. There are times where the ball move forward but not sure if he stumbled on the ball or he could really kick it.

Dear TT,

Its only a week since I last wrote to you. So I do not have much new things to write. You are still your usual happy self. You love to play “hide-and-seek” with your siblings. More like they hide you seek. You are always squealing with laughter when you go around looking for them. Especially so when you found them.

Time pass quickly. In 1.5 months time, Auntie N will be leaving us to go back to her family. I think you will miss her. She has brought you up well while Mummy and Daddy are busy at work. Mummy will miss her too, I know you are in safe hands when you are with her. Nonetheless, Mummy and Daddy will be going through this difficult period with you. Hopefully you can transit well with the new Auntie. Not to worry, we will be there for you.

2016 has come to the mid-year. So in a few months time you will be starting school. Mummy can’t wait for you to join Jie Jie so that you will not cry every time we go out for school or work in the morning. Mummy hope you will enjoy school.

For now, stay healthy and happy!



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