Book: My Quiet Book

“Quiet Books” are books made of cloth and is meant to keep little children entertained through simple quiet activities. Common activities include shape sorting, dressing up dolls, zipping and buttoning. They are usually handmade and a search on Pinterest will show you many samples.

Since I learn about them, I have made preparation to make one for the littlest. I added pins to my Pinterest and bought materials from Taobao. Alas I was too busy to actually create one. So I was delighted when I chance upon this book on Taobao.

Here is a look at the details for some of the pages.

Shape and colour sorting. The heart shape certainly need improvement. The littlest (16 months) love this page. He likes pulling them off and attempting to put them back. He couldn’t quite recognise the shapes yet, so he doesn’t put them back correctly.
Buttoning. Taking out the flower and buttoning it back. TT is unable to do this, but the elder two (6 and 4.5 y.o) would play with this.
Push button. Fixing the caterpillar head back on the push button. This page is a little difficult I feel as the kids need to aim and press. Certainly not for TT.
Zip and unzipping. Good training for their fine motor skills grabbing the zip.

There are other pages, but I shall not share here. All the pages are listed on the seller page.

Overall I find this a very basic quiet book. Most activities are too tough for a toddler and more skewed towards a pre-schooler. But nothing to complain since its an off the shelf product that is not expensive. It provides a good start for the littlest while I find time to create one for him myself.

Have you come across any off the shelf quiet book? Share with us.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, I paid for the book with my own money.

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6 thoughts on “Book: My Quiet Book

  1. Thanks for linking up! Quiet books are very handy indeed, though this one from Taobao has grammatical errors, which will make me think twice about getting it. 😛 Just my personal preference though!

    1. Hahaha, yes cannot expect too much from the language when it is from Taobao. I didn’t bring the kids attention to the words. They just had fun playing around with it. Thanks for leaving a comment.

    1. Yes Christy, its reasonably priced considering I have seen people charging ridiculous amount for quiet book. I have another quiet book which I might share next week. That will be more interesting for your 3.5yo. Cause it entertained my elder two for quiet a while.:)

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