Indoor: Oceans’ Buddies @ Kids STOP

[ Media Invite ]

The kids love sea creatures. Maybe it explains why they love to watch Octonauts. So I was quite happy when we were invited to participate in the Oceans’ Buddies exhibit at one of their favourite indoor playground, Kids STOP.

The Oceans’ Buddies exhibit aims to foster a friendship between children and the ocean so that the children can help protect the ocean, i.e. marine conservation.

Marine Conservation Brief
In the brief, the staff from Kids STOP explain to us, why it is important to not throw rubbish into the sea.

The Kids STOP staff who was “angry” with people who threw rubbish into the sea.

In the example given, she explain to us that plastic bags appear to be like Jellyfish in the sea. And Sea Turtles, which eat Jellyfish, may not be able to tell the difference between the two. As a result, they could get themselves killed from trying to eat a plastic bag.

Personalise Sea Creatures come “alive”
After the brief the kids were asked to colour their favourite sea creatures to let it come “alive”.

The girl colouring her Puffer Fish using the pilot FriXion pens provided. The erasable nature of the pen allows the paper with the sea creatures to be reused. It goes well with the conservation theme.
The boy chose his favourite Manta Ray.

After the kids are done with the colouring, they can bring their master pieces to a machine for it to be scanned and “uploaded” onto the virtual ocean.

The brief moment where the boy’s Manta Ray and the girl’s Puffer Fish met.

The kids were really happy to see their sea creatures swimming around. Though the Manta Ray is not a very good choice as most times, we could only see the bottom of the Ray, which is not the part the boy coloured. But fortunately , he was the only one who chose the Ray. So we could spot it easily. For the rest of the sea creatures, it will be good to ask your kids to sign off their name on their master pieces so that it is easier for them to find in the “ocean”. The girl was very happy trying to spot her “Loi Loi” fish as it swims about.

The Oceans’ Buddies exhibit is included in the admission fee. There is no need to pay extra for the experience. However, the briefing is held only at a certain time. The morning session brief is at 10am.

Disclaimer: We were invited to view the exhibit. No monetary compensation was received for the post. All opinions are our own.



2 thoughts on “Indoor: Oceans’ Buddies @ Kids STOP

    1. Not really. Its just a small corner near the Omni theatre side where the digital “pond” on the floor use to be. They have two tables for the short sharing. And a small machine behind to do the scanning.

      I thought they could project the ocean on the floor, its easier to see. Like how they projected the “pond”.

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