Play@SG: Jalan Selaseh Park

Where is Jalan Selaseh Park? Its near Seletar Hill. We happen to chance on this playground because my SIL chio us for a meal at a Chinese restaurant near there.

As with all parks, the playground over there is a little different. There is a “Spider Web” right in the middle.

Compare to West Coast Park, this web is smaller and more achievable. The boy (6 y.o) manage to climb to the top.

To the left of the web is a climbing structure and slide.


For young toddlers, there is the rockers.

This is one of the rockers around, there were more available.

Or a merry-go-round, that will certainly burn off some calories for the parents.


There are also two swings on the right of the web. However, there was constantly some kids on the swing, so I didn’t manage to take a picture. The swing is a little different from our usual. It has a flat seat instead of the curved ones. It reminded the girl (4.5 yo) of the wooden swing she stood on in the Malaysia farm. So she stood on that swing too.

The place wasn’t crowded when we reach about 5pm on a Saturday. It got a little more crowded when its closer to 6pm. However, there were many small insects flying around that day. And I got bitten my them. So we didn’t stay long at the playground. So do remember your insect repellent if you are paying this playground a visit.

Play@SG is our effort to record down the different free playgrounds or play areas in Singapore. If you have any to recommend, drop us a comment or email. T.I.A.


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