Development: TT @ 16 Months

Our littlest has start to assert himself and make his presence known. Well, here is his development so far.

Mastered Skills

  • Turn the pages of a book
    Yes. He handles board books well but struggles more with paperback or hardcover books.
  • Has temper tantrums when frustrated
    Absolutely. He has learned to scream when he doesn’t get things his way. And cries (badly) when we insist on removing him away from a place due to danger. I see terrible two coming.

    The littlest throwing his tantrum when we took something away from him due to safety purposes.
  • Becomes attached to a soft toy or other object
    Not really. He has a few “favourite” soft toys (Mickey and Minnie), but he is not attached to them. He just prefer them when he sees soft toys around.

Emerging Skills

  • Discovers the joy of climbing
    I think he discovered that months ago. He is always climbing up and down the dining chairs, sofa, bed and his siblings study table. When he goes to the playground, he also had fun climbing up and down the steps and slide.

    The littlest climbing up the slide because he couldn’t find another way up.
  • Stacks three blocks
    Yup, though he prefers to destroy than build.
  • Uses spoon or fork
    He prefers to self feed so yes we have exposed him to fork and spoon.
  • Learns the correct way to use common objects
    Yes. He takes the phone and pretends to call. He also aims the controllers at the TV, fan or air-conditioner. But sometimes its the wrong one, and he will be puzzled why there is no “reaction”. LOL.

Advanced Skills

  • Takes off one piece of clothing by himself
    He can somewhat pull down his pants, or remove the tape on his diaper. But has not succeed in removing them completely.
  • Gets finicky about food
    Yes. For food that he likes to eat, he will eat more and faster. For food that he doesn’t like, he refuses to open his mouth.
  • Switches from two naps to one
    The helper is taking care of him most of the time. She still tried to make him have two naps a day. But there will be days it will be so difficult to get him to nap in the afternoon. I did suggest to the helper to consider to switch to one nap. But I leave it to her since she is the one handling him.

Dear TT,

You seems to have grown leaps and bounds this month. You are talking so much more and your vocabulary has definitely increased. When you see us eating “junk food”, you will tell us “bee-cuit” (biscuit). When something fell onto the floor, you will say “drop”. When you want to watch TV you will say “maisy” (your favourite cartoon currently). When you take out a book to “read”, it will be “baa baa sheep”.

You love going to the playground. And is, mostly, able to get up by yourself either through the steps or the slide itself. You still have a cautious self. You will peep below before you take a step out, making sure that you will not fall. But when you see Mummy or someone there, you will do your leap of faith. Often, scaring Mummy and Auntie.

Making you sleep nowadays is difficult. You no longer allow us to carry you and pat you to sleep. Most time, Mummy will just let you roam near the mattress until she sees you calming down. Then she will carry and pat you to sleep. However, that is usually after you cried and threw a tantrum for being “confined”.

Mummy is happy that she seems to have more time with you now. After GorGor and JieJie finishes their work, you will come to their table to “study”. You will start taking out their pencils and highlighter and pretend to “write”. Mummy is happy just by your side watching you. I hope by your turn to “study”, you will still be willing to be sitting down at the table. LOL.

It certainly was an exciting month. Mummy is sure there will be more to come. Meanwhile, stay healthy and happy like you are now. Daddy and Mummy love you always.



2 thoughts on “Development: TT @ 16 Months

  1. LOL @ TT’s tantrum shot!! Really ‘wu sei’ got ‘style’….hahaha… reminds me of my boys… esp no.2. Super cute at this age!!!! Glad to see you’re beginning to have more rhythm in your routine where you’re enjoying this stage now. : ) I miss those cute years….kekekeke

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