Melbourne: Enchanted Adventure Garden (2)

Previously I shared about the mazes in the Enchanted Adventure Garden. In this post, I will be sharing about the Tree Surfing that we sign up the boy for.

In tree surfing participants are hooked up to some safety mechanism and are asked to cross over from one tree to another. Of course the path is not that straight forward, there maybe ropes or planks that tests your balancing and coordination skills. It’s definitely a fun sport that trains the kids to be more courageous.

The boy (@ 4 y.o) with Chubby all belted up for safety.
For this kiddy course at Enchanted Adventure Garden, the recommended height is below 1.35m. However, parents or caregiver can follow the kids up to help and give them an emotional boost.

Chubby with the boy on one of the obstacle. Chubby claims that certain obstacles may be a little tough for him as he is too big. LOL.
Upon reaching one end, the kids can take a breather before continuing.

The little platform at each end of the obstacle course.
More different types of obstacles.

Another rope obstacle with bigger holes to increase the difficulty level.

An obstacle course that trains the kids spatial awareness. When the boy attempted the course, it was a little more difficult for him as his legs are not long enough to leap from one plank to the other.

A test of the kids balancing skills.
A test of the kids balancing skills.
The course ended with a a zip down from the tree. There is a total of 3 different courses. However, the boy only attempted the first two. This is because Chubby mention that the courses get more difficult as it progress. And the boy is not tall enough to handle most of the obstacles so they went back to play the first course twice instead of proceeding.

The boy “graduated” from zipping down with Chubby to zipping down by himself. He sure enjoyed himself at the park and requested to come back again when he is taller. (We did bring him to another tree top surfing in Singapore. Check out the post here.)

The boy all drench with sweat after the course.
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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliated links but is NOT  a sponsored post. We stumble upon the park by ourselves. All opinions, fun and laughter are our own.

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22 thoughts on “Melbourne: Enchanted Adventure Garden (2)

  1. Oh Wow! Glad to know that they allow a 4 year old! I am excited just by looking at the pictures! We’ve got something similar in Singapore. Maybe I should bring the big boy for a try soon.

  2. I read your first post on the enchanted adventure garden and told my hubby that we must make a visit there for the maze and this tree surfing. We’re headed to Melbourne this Friday and we can’t wait!

    1. Hi Jacqualine. They give different names at different places. In SG they call it forest adventure but is somewhat similar. Yes, its not easy even for adults. Lol.

  3. It’s really an adventure!! The enchanted garden looks like a little hidden treasure for the little ones!

  4. I thought it was Forest Adventure in SG but realised it’s not. Both course looked similar. My kids used to go when they were younger but my boy grown to be fearful of height as he gets older.


    1. Hi Phoebe,

      Yup indeed they look similar. Different views probably..And forest adventure only has 1 course for kids, this has 3. So they get to zip down 3 times. Lol. Hope your boy will get over his fear for height.

  5. My daughter tried a similar treetop activities in Bali, Penang and Singapore. I am so including this into our next Melbourne itinerary. Thanks for sharing 😀

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