Development: TT @ 14 and 15 months

Time flies… The littlest is growing by leaps and bounds everyday.

Mastered Skills @ 14 Months

  • Finger Feeds
    Yes. Due to experience from his siblings, we gave him lots of opportunities to feed himself using his fingers. We tried mainly on dried biscuits that are bite size so it doesn’t get too messy.
  • Empty containers of contents
    Yes. He loves to pour out his box of toys and leave them on the floor. *sigh*
  • Imitates others
    Yup. He is able to give us flying kisses complete with the kissing sound. Lol. And when his sister do silly antics to make him laugh, he will sometimes join the sister.

Emerging Skills @ 14 months

  • Toddles well
    Absolutely. He could do “small runs” too.
  • Initiates games
    Hmmm. Rarely. But there are times when we started a game with him, he will “request” to repeat. Like sometimes we carry and “throw” him on the bed, he will ask to be carried and will get ready into position for the throw again.
  • Points to one body part when asked
    Nope. I didn’t really teach him that yet. Oops, it’s time to start teaching him some things.

Advanced Skills @ 14 Months

  • Uses spoon or fork
    Not at that stage. Recently yes.
  • Matches lids with appropriate container
    Didn’t really try that with him at that time.
  • Pushes or pull toys while walking
    Yes. He has a push toy from Christmas and during that stage he loves walking around with that toy.

TT @ 14 Months

Mastered Skills @ 15 Months

  • Plays with ball
    Yes. He loves to throw ball or kick them. Although he is not very good at it.
  • Vocabulary increases to 5 words
    PaBa, MeeMee, DuDu, QQ, Bye Bye, No More… hope the names of different person counts. Lol
  • Walks backward
    Hmm. Have not seen him do that before until recently.

Emerging Skills @ 15 Months

  • Can draw a line
    Somewhat. He doodles a lot.
  • Runs well
    Yes. Its so cute when he runs.
  • Adopts “no” as his favourite word
    Nope. He still prefer to brawl to show his disagreement when really force to.

Advanced Skills @ 15 Months

  • Walks up stairs
    Maybe one or two steps with the aid of the railing.
  • “Helps” around the house
    Somewhat. He will potter around when my helper is vacuuming the floor. Or sometimes he will help to keep the toys only to empty the boxes again when we are almost done.
  • Put his finger to his mouth and says “shhh”

TT @ 15 Months

Dear TT,

It has been a very interesting two months. You seems to have grown a lot. Your command for language is better now. For a while, Mummy is scared that you have delayed speech development as you can’t really identify Mummy and Daddy. And you spoke few words. But now we are hearing so much more from you.

Somehow, you still have the habit of pointing to your nose when you call MeeMee. I guess it’s because when Mummy was teaching you who is Mummy, I always point to myself. And from pointing at the side of your nose, your index finger has now gone into your nostril when you call me. A little disgusting but still cute.

You are still a happy boy by and large. Always ready to laugh heartily when GorGor and JieJie do silly antics. And your laugh encourages them to do more just to make you happy. It’s such a bliss for Mummy when she sees that happening between you three.

Mummy also think you will grow up to be a chiongster someone who enjoys music and dance well. You don’t really listen to nursery rhyme but love pop song thanks to your GorGor and JieJie. You calm down immediately when you hear 小蘋果. At a stage, Auntie uses that song to help you go to bed. When you start to fuss in your car seat, we play this song from the car radio and you will calm down and sit quietly while you enjoy the music. Recently, you have somewhat learn to “dance” with the song. You will raise your hand up high and start to “bounce”. It’s such an adorable scene.

In the coming months, Mummy hopes that she can spend more time to read to you and teach you more things. You are clearly lagging in your vocabulary, so it’s time Mummy buck up. And mummy hope that you will develop a love for reading like your GorGor. So be prepared K? Lol.

Meanwhile, enjoy your toddler time.



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