Blog Train: How I met your father…

Dear Loi,

That day while walking back home from your Chinese class you told me that when you grow up, you want to have 4 children. Two girls and two boys. Mummy is really happy that you have a love for kids and yes you have been bugging Mummy to give you a MeiMei and sorry the answer should be No.

My love, before you can have 4 children, you will need to find a man you love and is willing to take care of you and the kids. Just like Daddy. How are you going to find one, you may ask. The answer is “fate”, or rather for Mummy this is the answer. That is how she and your Daddy got together and had the three of you. Here is our story….

1135 - Kiss

A long long time ago (20 years to be exact), Mummy went to this school call St Andrews Junior College (SAJC) for her “first 3 months” (the time period between after ‘O’ levels and release of the results). Mummy was put into this class with her good friend (Auntie Jeasie). She was really happy that she is not alone. She also make some new girl friends there as everybody work together to complete their homework.

In the class there were also boys. Some from her secondary school, some from other school. But she didn’t really bother with them as she was struggling with the school work that she barely understand. And one day, during Chinese class, the teacher asked for the meaning of “我的外人”, and unfortunately Mummy got picked to answer the question. She didn’t know the answer. So the teacher went on to ask another boy, and he guess it’s husband since “內人” means wife. And he is right. At that point, Mummy felt really embarrassed cause it’s such a simple guess and she couldn’t get it right. And that’s where your Mummy notice about this boy (your Daddy).

2 months later, the results for ‘O’ level was out. Mummy didn’t do too well for her English and humanities, so she decides to drop out of JC and go to Polytechnic instead. There she was “separated” with her good friend and had to make new friends all over again. She also saw the boy occasionally in school as they both studied in the same poly but different course. And it happens that Mummy secondary school friend is also his close friend in school. But that was all the interaction they had with each other. Hi-Bye friends they call.

Fast forward 10 years later, Mummy was attending a concert with Auntie Nic and somebody called out to her. She stared at the man and finally recalled him as the classmate from SAJC. He was working that day as the camera crew for the concert, they exchanged their phone numbers as he promise to pass some photos of the concert to her (Erm, Mummy cannot recall is it because he lend her his camera).

The photos Mummy helped Daddy took back then. Yes, your Daddy’s favourite band.
So after like a few weeks, he called and wanted to pass the photos to her. So Mummy collected it and they talked a little more. Mummy also asked him to find her if he has other concert jobs that he needed help. Indeed, a few weeks later he called and asked if Mummy want to help him out at a concert. Unfortunately, she is going Hong Kong with Auntie Linda and Auntie QH that week, so she rejected but promise to get him a small gift from Hong Kong as an appreciation.

After she got back from Hong Kong, Mummy fell ill. It turn out that she had caught Chicken Pox from somewhere. So she was on 10 Days MC. During this period, your Daddy will call Mummy from time to time to remind her to eat her medicine. And they will spend time talking over the phone. Sometimes if he is working, he will drop her a SMS. And slowly as you guess, feelings developed. And the rest they say is history.

0129 - CP Pill 1
The antibiotics that Mummy is taking for her Chicken Pox. The medication that your Daddy called every few hours to remind your Mummy to eat.
Mummy always believe it’s fate for her and Daddy to meet again after 10 years of almost zero contact. Till date it still amazes her how this fate thing work. Maybe this “fate” thing will happen to you too. Mummy hope that in the future, when you are old enough, you will meet your fated someone who will take care of you well and fulfill your dream of becoming a Mother of 4.



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