Home: Learning through Pretend Play + Toddle Shop

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In my previous post, I mention about trying to think of ways to add more “play” into our daily learning. And coincidentally, Toddle shop contacted me around the period to do a sponsored post. So I combined the two and got the kids on a learning activity.

The Shopping
I login to their website and the “play and learn” category caught my attention.  

Toddle shop main webpage. A category dedicated for play and learn deserves thumbsup.

I click into the category and is presented with products from that range. The site allow me to refine the list of products further by sub-categorizing the items. I selected “Pretend Play” and is impressed by the range of Melissa & Doug products they carry. Just as I was browsing around, Zai saw what I was looking at and asked if I’m getting toys for him. I asked him to select one for himself and he couldn’t decide between the Sushi Set or the  Coffee Set. He asked MeiMei over and the girl took a liking for the Sushi Set and chose it for herself. So the boy settled with the Coffee Set and chose another BBQ set for the littlest. I also got another Latch Board for the littlest. I just love good quality wooden toys. We received our toys within 2 days and off we go to cook up a storm! 

Always like Melissa and Doug toys. They are of good quality that last.

The Play and Learn
After we open up the toy, I allow some free play time for them first. This is important as I know, they weren’t be listening to much instructions once the new toys are opened. Being pretend play toys, the toys itself allows the kids to use their imagination, practice their motor skills (cutting sushi and picking them up with chopsticks) and hand eye coordination (adding the BBQ food to the skewers). 

Master Chef happily serving up his food using my ransom box as a “table”.

Once the kids are ready, I suggested we setup a small cafe to “sell” food. Zai volunteered to be the Master Chef, the girl choose to be waitress and naturally I became the customer. The girl came over to me to “take my order”. I told her to use the order chit from the coffee set as a menu and tick my orders accordingly (print awareness and fine motor skills). I proceed to order some sushi and BBQ food. She had to remember my order including what is the food I want on the skewer and repeat it to the boy. After the food is ready, she serves it to me and I paid before I “left” the cafe. 

I really like the BBQ set, it also help reinforce math learning pattern. The boy lace the food himself and I noticed he used the ABAB pattern for one and ABCABC pattern for the other. Learning can just take place like that.

The Play and Learn II
I’m intending to bring the learning to the next level by asking the kids to write on our white board the food they serve and the price for each item. This allow them to practice writing and also do simple calculation (calculate amount and change due). If time permits, we will come up with order chits too. Writing something that is “meaningful” to them beats doing assessment books anytime.

Learning can just take place in many form. So if you are interested in adding more fun to learning, check out Toddle. They have a range of good quality wooden toys and also other necessities for mothers like breast pump, clothes, etc. And if you quote thelittlemom15, you will get 15% off your purchase with a minimum spending of SGD70. Enjoy shopping and have a blast with the kids! I need to go back to be a customer at Zai’s cafe. Bye!

Disclaimer: We received some shopping credits to shop at Toddle shop. We make the selection ourselves and top up the difference with our own money. All views are our own and play suggestion by me and the elder boy.


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