Reflect: 1st Quarter 2016

I have been doing quarterly review since the start of last year. And I find it really good to help me keep focus and in check. Base on my 2016 new year checklist, here is what I have done in the first quarter and aim to do in the next quarter.

  • Eat Healthily and Exercise More
    Alas, the first item on my checklist and I fail badly. I’m still induldging on my three to four times a week of icy drinks from Starbucks and Koi. Well, no excuse. I simply succumb to temptations. I need more determination to keep this in check.
    As for exercising, I was on a routine of going for jogs or walk every Tuesday when the elder two are at their enrichment classes. But somewhere in March, I started on a course and wasn’t able to do it anymore. And this morning I was suppose to wake up early to go jogging with Chubby. But TT didn’t sleep well the night before and I was exhausted taking care of him. So we didn’t wake up for our exercise. Night time I reserved for coaching the kids so it’s hard to find time there.
    Maybe for a start we will do a twice a week exercise in the morning. Once in the weekday, once on weekends. In this way we only need to wake up early once. Let’s see how this goes.
  • More Communication and Patience
    Ah~ This area I think I’m doing pretty well. There were times where I just felt irritated that things are not happening as it should be, but I think I have learn to let go and not be so uptight. It certainly wasn’t easy for me and there was once that I threw a really bad temper at Chubby but I am trying hard and I have kept the occurrences down.
    Recently I read somewhere that if you have many things to do, write them all down and try to see if they are all necessary and set a timeline to those things that you want to do. It helps to clear your mind and let you stay focus. I’m going to try that out as one of the reason I’m so inpatient and short tempered is because I have lots of thing in my mind and I get upset when people are affecting my time to complete my things. So by doing these hopefully it will help me become a better person.
  • Spend More Time With the Littlest
    I’m making a conscious effort to spend more time with the littlest, especially on weekends. I will try to play and read with him while leaving the elder two to their own device. Unfortunately for weekdays it is still hard. By the time the elder two finishes their work, it’s the littlest bedtime. I need to get the elder two to work faster!
    In the coming months, I will continue to spend more time with him on weekend. Do more reading and activities with him. I have come across some really good toddler activities, so it’s time to start working on them with TT. 
    The craft materials I got to make a silent book for TT. But is 0% completed…
  • More One to One Time with the Elder Two
    Total failure in this area. We haven’t go for any one-to-one date at all. We usually spend weekend time together and weekday nights are just so busy. I really must make a special effort on this.
    I think for a start I will have Friday night out with them individually. Maybe on the first and third Friday of each month. Let’s see how this will work out.
  • More Consistent Teaching
    Finally something that I have done well. I have consistently work with them on weekday nights. Loi has certainly improved on her alphabets and is more receptive at writing in Chinese. Zai has also improved in his writing and can write longer sentences now. However, I think the credits go to their teachers, I didn’t really “teach” much.
    In the coming months, I’m thinking of how to include more play into our learning.I probably dedicate Friday for learn through play. For maths it’s easy with card games, cash register and weighing skills. Difficulty will be in English and Chinese. I have tried Bingo for a while, but that is not enough. I think it’s time I go find out more in this area. If you have any good ideas please leave us a comment. 
    Loi dislike writing but loves doodling on whiteboard as it makes her feel like her teacher. So to encourage her to write, we got her to write on the whiteboard instead of the book. Well whatever to encourage them right?

On a side note, I also manage to get back to reading. I just completed “Leaving Time” by Jodi Picoult. 3 months for a book is really slow, but I’m happy at least I am making progress. I was reminded how much I enjoy reading and particularly Jodi Picoult books which always come with a good twist. I’m currently into my 2nd book for the year, a parenting book. I’m trying to juggle between novels and self help, I really hope this can continue. 

The kindle really help in reading as I can read in the “dark” while the littlest sleeps at night.
Looks like I still have a lot on my plate. But I like that I have somewhat come up with a plan for them. So hopefully I will really put that into action!


6 thoughts on “Reflect: 1st Quarter 2016

  1. Jiayou! Having such plans and recording down does help in clearer goals and accountability. : ) Indeed, we do need to make special effort to spend 1 to 1.
    Not sure if these helps, some ides for you to play and learn with them for Eng and Cl2. All the best!! : )

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