TV: Singtel Netflix

[ Media Invite ]

As most of you know I allow my kids to watch TV or use smart devices once they pass their first birthday. Ok, I tried to restrict to after 2 years but it’s really hard when I’m not the main care giver. Nonetheless, I limit the time they use, and look out for the content they are watching. There are really some good contents which helped the kids learn a lot. Like the cartoon Octonauts that I previously shared.

But looking for good shows are really not easy especially for us who don’t watch TV regularly (The kids only get TV and iPad time on weekends). So most times we know of what to watch by chance or they learn from their friend. And the videos are mostly watched off YouTube. So when we heard that Netflix is coming to Singapore we were really happy. Finally, we can have some better quality videos. Fortunately for us, we were also invited to a media event to know more about Netflix and Singtel tie up with them.

Before the Singtel Netflix event start. They showed us some of the features and available content on the TV screen.

Here is what I summarize from the event and after trying out the App.

  • Parental Control: Netflix help to categorize their shows into Little Kids, Older Kids, Teens, Adults and Restricted. So you can set the parental control at the different level. Without the pin, the viewer will not be able to watch the content. I just set my control at Older Kids so the kids will not get access to things which are not appropriate.  
  • Different Profile: Netflix allow the setup of different profile for the same account. In this way, they can track base on the shows you watch suggest other shows that you may like. 
  • Kids Profile: Netflix also allow you to set the profile to kids, so that only kids content will appear in their feed. Isn’t that great? Cause my kids have stumbled on some not so appropriate videos when they were watching YouTube.
  • Great Variety of Content: Movies, cartoons, series and even documentaries are available on Netflix. I saw a documentary on the sea creatures showing up in Loi’s profile feed. I think the kids will be interested on that.
  • Netflix Programmes: On top of being a content provider, they also have their own original programs. I’m going hide in my room to checkout their Daredevil series off my iPad tonight (shh… don’t let the kids know).

Ok enough said about Netflix, find out more for yourself by downloading their app or signup online. They have a free 1 month trial and if you are a Singtel subscriber or intend to sign up with them, you can get up to 9 months free of Netflix. Check out Singtel website for more!

Disclaimer: We were invited to the media preview for the Singtel Netflix event. No monetary compensation was received for the post and all opinions and experience were our own.


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