Development: TT@13 Months

The blog has been a little quiet as I mention previously the blog is no longer a priority in my life. But to be fair to TT, I still need to try to record down his milestones every month. So here is what is happening to him, if you are interested.

Mastered Skills

  • Uses two word skillfully
    Hmmm. Not really. He is definitely more vocal this month, but is still not talking much. I have heard him say “Leng Leng” (Cantonese for pretty taught by my MIL) to refer to the CNY deco we saw around the period. He seems to say Mama or BaaBaa, but we are still not sure if it is accidental or real. I think we have to check with the Doctor next time he goes for his assessment.
  • Bends over and picks up an object
  • Stands alone

Emerging Skills

  • Enjoys gazing at his own reflection
    Probably a yes. He does look at himself in the mirror and smile. But he doesn’t really do it for “long”.
  • Drinks from a cup
    Nope. But I just bought him one training cup to train him.
  • Plays “peekaboo”
    Yes. And he loves it.

Advanced Skills

  • Combines words and gestures to make needs known
  • Tries to lift heavy things
  • Rolls a ball back and forth
    No. He tried but not successful.


Dear TT,

You have turned 13 months! Mummy is so happy for you. In this month, you have grown a lot. You can now climb up a slide all by yourself. And enjoys sliding down. Isn’t that great? Very soon you can join GorGor and JieJie at the playground.

You also had your 2nd CNY. You were happy to be munching on some new year goodies and sneaking on packet drinks when we are not looking. Hmmm.. Mummy find you so adorable.

You are also napping lesser in the day, and it’s difficult for you to go to bed early these days. But well it’s all part and parcel of growing up.

So Mummy is still looking forward to hearing you call her. Till that date, you will constantly hear Mummy nagging at you asking you to call her. Lol. Ok, that’s for this month.

Love You,


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