Play@SG: West Coast Park (2)

This time round we venture a little deeper to what I call the obstacle play area of West Coast Park.  

This play area is just next to the flying fox, closer to the sea. It’s basically a series of climb structures. Let’s take a closer look.   

It is interesting to note that the orange “log” above will actually turn when the kids attempt to cross. Thereby increasing the difficulty.

My almost 6 y.o boy could accomplish most of the obstacle while my 4 y.o girl only played with the tunnel. Still they like it a lot and will pretend the tunnel is their fortress and hide inside. We have been to west coast park a few times and they always come back to this area.

Next to these obstacles and behind the flying fox, you will find two “big” swings.  

I really like these swings as the kids can lie down on it and it turns into a hammock immediately. For younger kids, parents can go on top and place the toddlers on their lap easily. We also manage to put the girl and her cousin on the swing together, and they had fun with each other company!

West coast park is such a gem to us these days. Unfortunately, the weather has been erratic. We hope to explore more of this park soon! Have you been to other areas of the park? Let us know!

Play@SG is my effort to mark down the free playground and free play areas in Singapore. Feel free to let us know if you have any to introduce us. T.I.A!


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