Development: TT @ 11 and 12 Months

It was a busy November and December, so much so that I missed out on recording down the littlest development. Here it is at one go.

11 Months Achieved Skills

  • Says “Dada” and “Mama” to the right parent
    Absolutely not. Even at this stage where he is turning 13 months soon, we are still not hearing him calling us. I’m actually a little worried about his speech development. Hope he will “open” his mouth soon.
  • Plays “pat-a-cake”
    Erm… no idea what game is that. Lol.
  • Stands alone for a couple of second

11 Months Emerging Skills

  • Imitates others activities
    Is laughing included? When he sees us laugh, he will join in. He likes stirring in the toy kitchen cabinet too. But not sure if he is imitating or just having fun.
  • Puts objects into a container
    Is his mouth considered a container? He is forever stuffing things into his mouth even  at this stage. Other then that I have also seen him dump his toys into his toy box if it is considered. But at 12+ months now, he definitely can do it as I played a simple game with him just the other day. Will share more in a separate post later.
  • Understands simple instructions
    Not at that stage. Now probably. Just this morning when I told him to stop pulling the wires he actually did. He is probably starting to understand us better now.

11 Months Advanced Skills

  • Drinks from a cup
    Nope. We didn’t really let him try as he has a tendency to “play” with water. He will suck lots of water from his bottle, keep in his mouth, take out the bottle and drool the water out. So we have yet to let him explore beyond straw.
  • Says one word beside “Mama” and “Dada”
    I have heard him say “tie tie” when his sister went to play with him. I’m not sure if he is squeaking in joy or calling “Jie Jie”. But he still can’t call “Mama” and “Dada”. So…
  • Stoops from standing position

12 Months Achieved Skills

  • Imitates Others’ Activities
    Yes. Just the other day I was throwing something into the bin, the littlest look over at the bin and proceed to throw the toy that he was biting into it. I took it out, wash it, pass it back to him, he took it and throw in the bin again. I don’t know to be happy or angry. Lol.
  • Jabbers word like sound
    I think so. That day while I was playing with him, I counted. And it seems like he was counting with me as he makes similar sound.
  • Indicates wants with gesture
    Have not really seen this. Maybe because I’m not spending enough time with him to notice.

12 Months Emerging Skills

  • Says one word besides “Mama” and “Dada”
  • Takes a few steps
    Yup. In fact he starts walking a few days before he turn 1.
  • Understands and response to simple instructions
    I’m not very sure but I think so. A few days ago, the littlest was about to cry when I bid him goodbye to go to work. And Chubby told him not to cry and cause he is bringing him down to get breakfast. He actually stop crying and followed Chubby around. When he sees that Chubby walked into the room instead of the main door (cause Chubby needs to change and get his wallet), he followed but made some noise to check why is Chubby not going to the door.

12 Months Advanced Skills

  • Scribble with crayon
    We haven’t let him try yet as he still have a tendency to put things into his mouth.
  • Walks Well
    Yes. And he is at the stage where he is not tired of walking and will attempt to get out of the stroller.
  • Says two words bedsides “mama” and “dada”

Dear TT,

You have turned one! Time really flies. It seems like just yesterday when Mummy is awaiting your arrival, but you actually is out for a year already. We threw you a party at home for your first birthday. You were happy to have people playing with you and is totally amazed by the balloon that was “floating”.

Mummy must say you have been by far the easiest to take care when young, although you gave us a scare when you were in my tummy. You slept through by yourself way before your siblings. And you can self entertain for a pretty long while for your age. 

Mummy is starting to see the little character that is growing in you. You are like your sis who is very persistent on your stand. You will cry very loudly when we take away the things that you are holding (as it probably is dangerous for you). But you are still friendly to most people and will not cry when people wants to carry you. That is really great.

You also have very good gross motor skills. You learned to walk a few days before you turn one. And can climb up slides by yourself. 

Your favourite person thus far is still your JieJie. You seems to be calling to to her and won’t fail to smile or laugh when she plays with you. Similarly, your JieJie loves you too. The first person she greets every morning is you. Your GorGor loves you in a different way. Although he is always engross in his own play, he does look out for you. Check that you are not holding dangerous item and comes to hug you and kiss you. Mummy hope you three will continue to love each other dearly when you all get older.

Mummy still feels guilty not spending enough time with you. Not reading enough to you, not playing enough with you. Sorry and hope you understand that even so, Mummy love for you is not lesser than your GorGor and JieJie.

Mummy wish you a happy year ahead, may you stay healthy and grow up to be a fine gentleman.



2 thoughts on “Development: TT @ 11 and 12 Months

  1. Hugs to the guilty part… He is still young, when older you can make effort to have 1 to 1 dates with each kid ya? : ) It helps to connect! And don’t worry too much over the speech yet… My eldest couldn’t say past papa or mama even after he turned 2yo. Now chatterbox…; p Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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