Melbourne: Enchanted Adventure Garden (1)

The Enchanted Adventure Garden was a star find for us in the trip. There were a number of activities at Mornington Penisular, I can’t remember the exact reason why we chose there. Maybe because it promises a lot of activities. And yes we had so much fun that I think it’s fair I split the place into 3 posts. Hopefully it’s easier for you all to digest.


The pretty view that welcome us as we enter the garden.


We reached there in the morning after our breakfast. We had intended to spend just half a day there, but we took longer than we expect as there were too many activities. We sign up the boy for the “Tree Surfing Nippers” which happen at a certain time. So before he gets his tree surfing, we went to try out the mazes.

The mazes comes in all sorts of manner. Those at the front requires you to really walk through it to find the exit. But it is not so simple, you are expected to find some things along the way. There are instructions sign just outside the entrance.

Buddha head that we are suppose to find in the maze.

For example, we are required to find a few (can’t remember the exact number) Buddha head before we can find the final location. It’s not easy as you have to recall which ones you have previously found. It’s certainly easier to play maze on paper. Lol.

The final objective might not be to get out, but to find a nice place like this.


There are also mazes that brings you walking around with no objectives.

This maze brings you to the center to see the dragon and out. You choose at the starting point to see if you go the longer or shorter route. Suitable for young kids as instructions are simple.


Apparently, there is also a children’s section. But we didn’t go as we were not ready for a picnic. A big mistake we realize later. 

After you have enough of the big mazes, you can take a break and lookout to the pond to calm your mind.

There is a “dinosaur” at one part of the pond. Loi was trying to press the button to make him roar. Kids just love buttons, don’t they. Mine had some fun just pressing the buttons.


After you have clear your mind, you will reach an area with IQ maze. These mazes are small but requires some thinking. I recalled a maze with ropes of different color. You need to wear a belt and hook to one of the colors, then find the way out to unhook yourself. Not easy, but not too difficult.

This was the maze that took us a fair bit of time to solve. 

For this maze, if you try enough, you will still reach the objective. But we wanted to look for the shortest path, hmmm, let’s just say we got lost trying to trace the steps. It was fun though.

If you walk further up hill, you will see some mini obstacle course, but we didn’t really try it as we were looking for something else. The indoor spooky maze. It’s a little like haunted house, but not as scary. I recall there were lots of mirror to make you confuse. But it wasn’t that difficult to get out actually.

So this is part one of the post. Dedicated to the mazes. In the next post I will share on the tree surfing the boy did.

PS: Oh I forgot to mention, if you are going there, remember to pack your own picnic basket. They have a nice picnic area. Forget about the food in their cafe. They only serve finger food like nuggets, fish and chips.

Have you been to a maze garden before? Share with us your experience!

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