Play@SG: West Coast Park

West coast park is a very big park with many many play areas. Last weekend I brought the kids to explore one section of the big park.

The west coast park is very famous for its big spider web, we stumble onto this smaller version at right side (facing the play areas) of the big web. This smaller version is a good training ground for my boy who is still afraid of the big web. I hope he conquer this soon and promote to the big web.


Beside the small web is this balance play area. The girl who is not so confident of her physco motor skills tried the balance area from the wider bouncy area to the broad platform at the left. She was happy just to be running around the platform too.

The boy started on this balancing beam. It was not easy as you can see some areas are not flat but curved up. He manage to complete the course by himself but at some points, he sat down and move using his butt.

Have you explored this area of the west coast park before? Why not share your experience with us?

Play@SG is my on going effort to mark down the different free playgrounds or play area in Singapore. Do join me in my series and let me know if you have any playground to recommend. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Play@SG: West Coast Park

  1. The last we were there was more than 3 years ago I think! Has it gone through a revamp? Looks kinda different to me now… Perhaps I should visit again soon with my kids, before they outgrow playgrounds…. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Haha no idea, we just started exploring the park, so not sure how it was like 3 years ago. Or maybe this is the part which is less explored as there were more people at the other playgrounds.

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