Melbourne: Moonlit Sanctuary

After we left Phillip Island, we make our way to Mornington Peninsula. We did somewhat a down and back up trip so that we can take the Great Ocean Road back to Melbourne city. It was a little de-tour, but we make stops in between to make the ride better.

At Mornington Peninsula, we paid a visit to the Moonlit Sanctuary wildlife reserve. This is our chance to get up close and personal with Kangaroos, Wallabies and Koala Bears. 

This was what greeted us when we enter the sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is pretty big. We took half a day and cover about 3/4 of the grounds.

Some animals like this emu are kept in cages.

Apart from the emu, we also saw enclousures for the Wombat and Dingo. For some of the animals, write up were also provided.


Some animals are free ranging.  

We also saw some Kangaroos in an open enclosure. We got quite close but didn’t dare take photo as they were quite huge and we were scared. LOL.

The highlight of the visit was the feeding. Feeds are available for purchase at the visitor center at the front when purchasing the tickets.

Zai feeding a Wallaby.

While we are scared of the Kangaroo, we had lots of fun feeding the Wallaby. They are in some enclose areas but the wallaby are free to come out, as they were fence out by ropes. We have to use the feeds to attract them over. 

Zai was initially scared of feeding them. So he threw the feeds into their enclosure. But upon some encouragement, he finally took the courage to let the Wallabies eat from his palm. And he likes it. 

Zai feeding a goose.

We also tricked him into using his palm to feed the free ranging goose. He found it ticklish to have the goose beak feeding directly from the palm and wouldn’t do it again. LOL.

We ended the visit with a photo taking with the Koala bear. They were sleeping all the way when we were there and woke up briefly for the photo taking. We won’t allowed to carry it, but just sending next to it while they remain on a branch specially for the photo taking. But Zai took the opportunity to pat it though.

I’m sure there are many wildlife sanctuary in Melbourne. But this is our first time visiting one, and we pretty much enjoy ourselves. When you have kids who love animals, it certainly make these visits more memorable.

Travel Tuesday Bumble Bee Mum

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