Outdoor: Forest Adventure

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post.

We first came across tree top adventure when we visited Melbourne in 2014. We have since been looking for something similar for ourselves and the boy in Singapore since we came back. And we finally found it at Forest Adventure.

So what exactly is a tree top adventure. It is a high element obstacle course that takes place among the trees. You are expected to overcome the obstacles and make your way down, which usually ends with zipping down a line.

It’s good for adults as I treat it like fun exercising. You will require a certain amount of strength to complete the course. I was aching the next day after I completed the adult Grand Course at the forest adventure. For children, it helps them overcome their fear of heights and also teaching them to persevere on. The sense of accomplishment when they finish is surely rewarding.

Here are some examples of the obstacle courses for the kids.   

Do not worry, if your kids follow instructions, they are pretty safe. Your kid will be belted to the line and it definitely can take their weight. Cause it’s the same line they will use to zip down when they finish their course.

You can find out more about their opening hours on their website. Pre-booking is required.


5 thoughts on “Outdoor: Forest Adventure

      1. They have a minimum height limit, if she can make it she can go up. And just like I mention if you paid for it already and she is afraid, you can ask for a return voucher and come back another day for her or for the boys to use. And you can go up with her to assist. But you gotta pay extra.

        BTW, my girl dare not go up. And she is four. Lol.

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