Thoughts: Focus 2016

After reviewing 2015, naturally we need to look at what to do in the new year. I use to think new year resolution are quite redundant, in a sense we tend to forget about it like a month after we make it. However, last year I started a quarterly review of my resolution on the blog and I think it helps. It reminds me what I have set out to do for the year, I may or may not have achieve them, but it’s a good check. Hence, I think I should continue doing it this year.

Here are the list of resolution I set out to do last year.

  • Get my PMP certification. Nope this is one area that never went past the first quarter of 2015. As hard as I tried, the book is just so dry. There are just so many other things I want to do that the certification is the last on my priority list. Goes so much to show my passion in this area.
  • Spend more time on the kids studies. Yes. We have set up a routine where I will work with them on a few pages of their “assessment” book or activities book each weekday night. We are not very consistent especially during festive period, but we do spend more time then we did perviously. The girl still doesn’t know all her alphabets yet (which is worrying as she is K1 this year), so we probably got to focus even more.
  • Go back to leisure reading. This didn’t go beyond 2nd quarter I think. I only manage to complete one book last year. It’s bad really.
  • Get back in shape and better health. Not really. All exercises were put on hold as they reduced my milk supply. So that was the excuse I gave myself throughout the year.
  • Blog more consistently. Well, I think for 3 quarter of the year it was not too bad. But the last quarter was really bad when I got busy with the new house.

For 2016, the keyword will be FOCUS. There has been too many things in my mind, too many things I want to do, but in 2016 I will choose to focus. And the focus will be on my family and myself. This means a lower priority in other things in life, such as my PMP certification and this blog.

I have been thinking of the PMP certification, I really wonder if this is really what I want to do. I don’t mind what I’m doing now but it is not my passion. But for bread and butter I will do it and do it responsibly. I have some small business idea I want to try out, but if I choose to focus, they will have to wait. Money is important to us, but the family growth are even more so.

And after writing for so many years, the blog is still going no where. There was a while things were better, but when I start to slack, naturally it dwindled. So this year, the blog is no longer a priority. I’m not shutting down though cause I still need an avenue to write. But there will be even lesser posts and lesser presences in the blog community.

Here is what I want to do in 2016.

  • Eat Healthily and Exercise More.  This means cutting down on cold drinks such as KOI, Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Lesser deep fried food and more soupy stuff. Exercises to strengthen my heart and stretches to get back in shape. No more breastfeeding excuses.
  • More Communication and Patience. There was a while Chubby and I were going through a rough patch from all the stress at work, the kids and our new home. I hope in the new year, I can communicate more effectively with him and has more patience for everything. I tend to be little uptight and lose my temper easily when things don’t go the way I envisage. I hope I can slowly get rid of that in 2016.
  • Spend More Time with The Littlest. Due to his young age, I really didn’t spend enough time with him. Now that he is slightly older and no more breastfeeding duties, it’s time to spend more time with him. I hope I can craft him a silent book or work out some busy bags for him.
  • More One-to-One Time with The Elder Two. It’s not fair that they have to share Mummy most of the time. I hope to go on more one-to-one date with them. But I have to find out how without the two of them quarreling and calling unfair.
  • More Consistent Teaching. The boy is going to P1 next year, naturally he needs more prep. The girl is K1 this year, but still doesn’t know all her alphabets. Her phonics is worst. I need to be more consistent in their study time at night. I also hope to find some activities to do with them to make study less boring.

That sounds like a lot although I’m suppose to cut down and focus. Well, let’s see how it goes and do a review again after the 1st quarter.



4 thoughts on “Thoughts: Focus 2016

  1. It’s good that we take time to blog our thoughts out! I find it helps me see things clearer and declutters my thoughts…lol. All the best to your resolutions! Let’s go slow and steady!

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