Thoughts: Reflecting 2015

The blog has been a little quiet the past few months as I busy myself with our new home. So this post that has been formulating in my brain for the past week, only manage to find time to squeeze itself into the blog on the 1st morning of 2016.

Finding time to reflect the past year is something of a habit, and I really like it. As I have mention in a post more than a year ago, the keyword to 2015 is change. Yes, a new baby, a new home and more parenting duties have make our golden jubilee year a busy one.

I think I have spent like more than half of my time in 2015 fulfilling my moo moo duties for the littlest. Unlike some, breastfeeding has never been an easy process for me. I have very little supply and I have tried many different food to help me increase its quantity, but unfortunately nothing really help. The only thing that do is to pump more consistently, for a longer period and with a good breast pump. So I have spend hours with my breast pump this year. And I’m actually happy that this is coming to a stop. The littlest is turning 1 soon, and the pumping is taking a toll on my back. So I’m giving it up slightly earlier than I wish for.


I have to admit, the caregiving of the littlest has fallen mainly into the hands of my trusty helper as I busy myself with the Moo Moo duties. It has gotten so bad that just two nights ago, the littlest was down with fever and woke up in the middle of the night crying. I couldn’t console him and he wanted the comfort of my helper. To me that is really bad. I hope with the stopping of my moo moo duties I have more time for the littlest.

We moved to a new place recently. Our old place though very accessible is a little too small for our family. And with the boy starting P1 in a year time, we need to move to somewhere closer to his prospective primary school. The hunt began in April and we were lucky to find our new place pretty fast. However, the paper work took sometime and with the renovation work, we only manage to move in mid-December.

The new place is so much bigger, and the kids can have more place to run and a proper place to do their work. It’s going to be farther away to work for me, but much closer to school for the kids and Chubby. So give and take. We are all trying to accustom ourselves to the new home. I hope we will create more happy memories here.

With Chubby spending time on his Masters, I have more parenting responsibilities to shoulder. It wasn’t easy. There was a time Chubby and I have to work through all the stress from work, his studies, kids and the new home. But with the new home settled and us getting use to the routine, I hope everything will be better.

I have spend sometime each night working on studies with the elder two. I hope in time to come I will have more time for the littlest. I think I didn’t read enough to him.

With the elder two getting older, they also require lesser of my attention. I have seen the boy playing by himself for a longer period of time. The girl needs a little more attention though as she is not really into toys but still in pretend play. But I’m also glad that this year, I manage to spend some one-to-one time with the girl. Bringing her to run errands and most time ending with an ice-cream date. 

I also broke my own record of bringing the elder two out myself on public transport. It really helps that they are older now and can take instructions better.

It has been a very busy 2015, there are certainly rooms for improvement but it was fulfilling nonetheless. Let’s all have a better 2016!


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