Development: TT @ 10 months

Somehow I missed the 9th month development post. Hmm.. Anyway here is the 10th. Milestone chart from Baby Center.

Achieved Skills

  • Waves Goodbye
    Saw something similar but not sure if he is really waving goodbye or just waving his hands.
  • Pick things up with pincer grab
    Yes. He also master the art to stuff it into his mouth though not very well.
  • Crawls well
    Yes. And a fast crawler too. Though sometimes when he is very anxious he resort back to creeping just to be faster.
  • Cruises
    Yup. We gave away our push walker after Loi grew out of it. I wish we hadn’t as I’m quite sure TT will enjoy it now.

Emerging Skills

  • Says “Dada” and “Mama” to the right person
    Erm, nope. His speech development is a little slow, I’m a little concern but I think can wait it out still.
  • Reponds to name and understand “no”.
    Reponds to name, yes. Understand “no”, I don’t think so.
  • Indicates wants with gesture
    Opening up his hands and asking us to carry considered?

Advanced Skills

  • Drinks from a cup
    Nope. Actually we didn’t really let him try.
  • Stands alone for a couple of seconds
    Yes. Think since he was 9 months.
  • Puts object into container
    Haven’t seen that yet probably because he is not expose to this. It’s time I DIY some toys for him.


TT on his first kiddy ride @ 10 months
Dear TT,

Sorry Mummy missed out on the letter to you last month. There are too many things that Mummy need to handle especially with the new house coming. Hope you understand.

This two months you have shown some great development. You have started to cruise quite well. You can now squeeze through the narrow path between Mummy bed and the wardrobe by cruising. In fact this few days you have learn to stand up by yourself without a need to pull yourself up.

You have also grown two tiny teeth at the bottom, which gives you loose stools for the past few days. Mummy hope you get well soon.

You chuckle a lot lesser these days. I think you start to become more aware of your surrounding. You still let others carry you but will eye them and us carefully. And mostly without a smile. 

The only person that has never fail to make you chuckle is your JieJie. All she need to do is to baby talk to you and you will chuckle. You will also smile brightly and clap your hands when JieJie dances. I heard from Auntie Nerissa that you clap and smile when you were at JieJie year end performance that day. Sorry Auntie had to carry you to the back cause you were fussing and making noise. But Mummy is very happy that you adore your JieJie and she loves you too.

In a few months time you will be turning 1, Mummy can’t wait for you to grow up and have fun with us. But Mummy also don’t want you to grow up so fast as she will miss you in this state. Women are contradicting creatures which you will learn when you grow up. Lol.

Love you,


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