Melbourne 2014: Churchill Island Heritage Farm

When people talked about visiting Australia, farm stay are kind of like a must. So initially when we decide to visit Melbourne we also thought of doing a farm stay. Especially when the boy loves animals. Unfortunately, due to procrastination, we didn’t manage to find a farm stay, so we decided that at the least we should have a farm visit.

So during the planning, we came across Churchill Island Heritage Farm which is in Phillip Island and a short drive from other attractions. We were also very fortunate to be offered a package pricing when we bought the Penguin Parade tickets.

We went out early that day, but we didn’t check out the activities happening on the farm before hand, so we were there too early. The farming activities only happened in the afternoon! Which was why we ended at Panny’s Chocolate Factory. Fortunately, the drive was short and we manage to have our lunch over at the Churchill Island Cafe. Just to mention, the view at the cafe is nice and the food is decent. Price wise definitely not cheap, but is an option if you don’t want to drive out.

The interesting souvenir store at the farm that is beside their cafe.

After we had our fill, it’s about time to start exploring the farm. It is quite a big place to explore, but we were rushing for the activities, hence we didn’t have time to look at the gardens, what a pity.

Zai milking the cow.

The first activity we manage to catch is cow milking. And yes, we get to “hands on”. The boy was a little apprehensive at first, but he manage to pluck some courage and tried it. I asked him how it was after he finished. He told me it felt warm. He was referring to the milk coming out of the cow.

Sheep waiting to be sheared.
Sheep waiting to be sheared.

After another mad rush to the sheep shearing area, well a short 1 minute walk actually, we arrived and saw a crowd already gathered there. The farmer was explaining something, unfortunately we were a little too far to hear. Chubby mange to let Zai sit on his shoulder to watch. While I join the uninterested Loi in some photo taking.

Wagon with no horse, but kept Loi entertained for a while.

There were also some free roaming animals which can entertain the kids in between the activities.

Free roaming animals at the farm.

Next was the whip cracking activity. Basically they showcase how they can use the whip to make crackling sound. It was not easy as they did got some visitors to try it out. And well this didn’t catch Zai attention either. Instead, he was more interested in this handsome horse near it.

Horse at he whip cracking area.
Horse at he whip cracking area.

The last activity was working dogs. Where the farmer dog whisperer explain to us how he train the dog to work in the farm and explains from which age can a dog be trained. It was definitely more interesting then the whip cracking.

The sheep that the dog has to chase back to the pen.

We were suppose to walk back to the front area where the visitor center is after the activities. But Zai wanted to see the animals a little longer, so we went back to the horse and we saw someone feeding the horse with hay. Zai tried to pick up some hay that has fallen on the floor to feed, but was too scared as the hay was too little.

Fortunately we venture further and saw a barn. We went in and sneak out some hay and the boy was happily feeding the horse away. 

When we run out of hay, the boy reluctantly left and we make our way back to the front area. And much to the boy delight, they were having a proper feeding session there. The boy manage to feed an apple to the horse and even got to brush the horse hair. It certainly was a very good experience for the boy.

All in all, I think the farm is still worth a visit for city kids like us. There were hands on experience and the huge area can definitely let the kids dispense their energy, especially after visiting the chocolate factory.

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4 thoughts on “Melbourne 2014: Churchill Island Heritage Farm

  1. Good thing their activities were in the afternoon and you ended up finding the chocolate factory! I’m not a big fan of farm visits frankly, but I can imagine why our urban kids would enjoy it. Thank you for linking up on #TravelTuesday. 🙂

    1. Haha, yes. I think it very much depends on the kid. I’m not a farm lover either, but cause my elder boy loves animals and farm, he has influenced me and his MeiMei, so we are more open to farms now. Lol.

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