Shopping: Baby Looney Tunes Bedsheets (With Discount Code)

Chubby and I are people who put lots of emphasis on our sleep quality. We believe that by resting well, your following day will be good. And sleep is also particularly important to young children. With adequate rest, the brain can develop better. Hence, we believe in quality mattresses, pillows and bedsheets. No point investing in an expensive bed only to lay bed sheets that are not comfortable.

When we first started, we didn’t read up more. We thought the higher the thread count the better. How wrong we are. The material used is also of importance. Thread count alone is not everything. Though, I will say you should have at least over 200 thread counts. Otherwise, it can be kind of rough.

I also read somewhere that it’s better to buy reputable brands as their finishing is better thereby giving you more quality. Hence, we were very happy when we were given a set of King Koil Baby Looney Tunes Bedsheets to review. I swear by their Protect a Bed waterproof mattress protector. It’s by far the most comfortable and effective waterproof protector that we came across. It’s money well spent. Anyway I digress, back to the Baby Looney Tunes bedsheet and summer blanket.

Well, when I first lay my hands on the sheets and blanket, they were not soft as I expected. As in, it’s stated that the material is Supreme Microsatin with 380 thread count. But nonetheless, I got my helper to give it in initial wash before I put it to test.

After the first wash, it’s softer but still not “soft” enough for me. And the blanket appears to be a little thick even for our Aircon room. But I still slept on it with my daughter that night. And surprisingly, it wasn’t as hot as I expected. Somehow the material was still breathable.

A few nights later, the girl accidentally pee during the night and we had to wash the sheets and the blanket. I was happy to notice that the material is now much more softer then before. I think the full wash helps.


A month after we receive this product and after about 3 washes, I’m quite happy to say that we have “wash-in” and “use-in” the product. The blanket and sheets are getting comfortable. There is also no fading of color and still look as good as new. I think these sheets will last.

If you are interested in getting the sheets, you will be happy to know that we have a promo code for you. By quoting THELITTLEMOM on their website, will entitle you to free delivery for your baby Looney Tunes product and a free Baby Looney Tunes pillow case. Purchase more than $120 worth of Baby Looney Tunes product, you get a free “Protect-A-Bed” pillow case. Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: We receive a set of fitted sheets and summer blanket for review, no monetary compensation was received. All opinions are our own and derived from using ourselves as guinea pigs.


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