Development: TT @ 7 Months

Chart from Baby Centre.

Achieved Skills

  • Sits without support
    He just learned this skill. I was getting a little worried that this boy doesn’t want to sit. When we put him up, he will lurge forward or sometime fall to the side. Only a few days after he turned 7 months did I see him slowly move from a tummy position to a sitting position and sat there for a while.
  • Reaches for things with a sweeping motion
  • Imitates speech sounds
    Yes. The first few babbles we heard were muum muum. Sometimes we heard baa too.

Emerging Skills

  • Combines syllabus into word like sound
    Well, if you consider muum muum, which means food in baby language here, then yes.
  • Begins to crawl or lunges forward
    Yes. The littlest has been creeping very well for weeks. This has kept us busy and also probably why he refuses to sit. But he hasn’t start on-all-four crawling yet.
  • Picks up object on one hand and pass to another hand
    ermm… with the mouth as middleman considered?
  • Bangs object together
    Didn’t really see that happen before

Advanced Skills

  • Stands while holding on to something
    He did that just yesterday, by himself. More trouble for my MIL and helper coming…
  • Waves goodbye
TT trying more solidify brown rice cereal for the first time.

Dear TT,
You can now sit by yourself and eat more solid food! This means you can join us at the table when we are out for dinner. You no longer need to sit in a stroller. Mummy is so happy. You know you are really lucky as Daddy and Mummy decides to make you your purée instead of getting bottled purée like GorGor and JieJie. Mummy can’t wait for the day where you can eat porridge and meat.

You now drink 180ml of EBM with brown rice in the morning, get two feeds of purée food in the day and 3 bottles of 180ml of EBM. That’s quite a lot compare to your siblings. And you have such chubby cheeks that your MaaMaa call you 碰餅, which has make its way onto Facebook cause your Daddy posted. So you got another nick name among Daddy and Mummy friends.

You have also mastered the skills of sleeping through. The fastest among your siblings. You can also be carried to sleep at night. This means Mummy can stop latching you. And yes, you haven’t latch for a month already I think. And Mummy really miss it. The closeness of latching is something Mummy enjoyed. And with you being very likely our last baby, Mummy will not experience this again. Oh… How I miss.

You also fell ill this month. In fact you are still ill. You caught a flu from GorGor. The first night you fell sick was terrible. You couldn’t sleep well and woke up almost every hour. Lucky Daddy was around to help. He carried you to sleep and even resorted to placing you on his chest while he sit and sleep. The next day was better but you still wake every hour. Fortunately, you slept better after that. It finally gave Daddy and Mummy a break.

You have also mastered a skill call “crying” or maybe “whining”. When you see people leaving the house you will “cry” in protest. You want to go out too. Mummy is so sorry that we didn’t bring you out enough. We will try to include you more in our outing next time ok. Sorry baby.

Generally you are still a happy baby. You smile and chuckle at neighbors that came and “talk” to you. You also chuckle happily when you see us returning home from work or school. This often make everyone day. I hope you can continue to bring smiles to all around you when u get older.

You know your GorGor and JieJie will go look for you and kiss you when they wake up in the morning or come back home from school? Mummy is so jealous. They don’t even do that to me. And you reciprocate by smiling back. Mummy is happy to see the love between you all. Hope this love continues even when you all grow older.



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