Melbourne 2014: Pannys Chocolate Factory (Phillip Island)

Back in 2009, when Chubby and I was having our honeymoon at New Zealand, we visited the Cadbury Chocolate factory. Well, it’s some kind of experience but we weren’t really impressed. Maybe because it’s very technical explaining how chocolates are made.

So when we visited Melbourne Phillip Island last year, we were contemplating whether to visit the chocolate factory there, since it’s much smaller in size then Cadbury we thought maybe it’s not worth the visit. However, a sharp eye Zai spotted the factory when we drove pass it while going for the penguin parade. He asked what is it and when I told him it’s a chocolate factory, he requested us to go the next day. And coincidentally we were too early at the farm we wanted to visit the following day, so we decide to just drop by the chocolate factory for a quick look. And I’m glad we did, cause we had fun!

This tour is unguided, so you can spend as much time as you like inside the factory and areas that you like.

The display greeting us when we stepped into the factory. And yes we are sold just by looking at how pretty this thing is.

The first section of the factory show cases some exhibits made entirely with chocolates.

A town made entirely with chocolates except for the train track where a few toy trains run on.

I was quite impress with this town already until I see this display.

Pardon the bad lighting. I filmed it with my iPhone so its quite bad. you will be more mesmerize when you see the actual product. Even the kids couldn’t help but watched it a few times.

After being awed by their craftsmanship, it’s time for some educational “tour”. You guess it, the process of making chocolates. They tried to make it more interesting by adding in some “interaction” to the exhibits.

The kids get to pound on the chocolate powder to “make” chocolates.

After all the educational tour, you reach the Tikam Tikam section. Basically there were a few un-man game stalls. If you manage to complete the game, a small ball will drop out. If you collect enough of such balls, you can exchange for a small packet of chocolate balls at their retail outlet. And yes, we spend most of our time there. Even the kids have fun trying out the games.

Zai trying out a game to win some chocolate balls.

After we ensure each adult gets a pack of chocolate balls, we decide it’s time to move on (LOL). If I didn’t remember wrongly, it’s a continuation of the making of chocolates. And in one of the chambers, you will find a machine that dispense out different flavor of chocolates. For free! I tried the dark and milk chocolate I was delicious. The kids kept on wanting to go back to the machine. But was stopped by me. I really do not want them to go on a sugar rush.

After the chamber with free chocs, it’s their “machine” room where they mould the chocs into different shapes and patterns. There is also a large machine in the center that allow you to “write or draw” some pattern using melted chocolate. The chocolate will then pass through a conveyer belt to harden and you can collect it at the end of the belt. It was not easy to write with the machine and takes quite a while to reach the collecting end. And when it finally did, if you didn’t catch it in time, it might fall into the bin and break. So we weren’t really successful in our attempt. But the boy was very happy picking up the broken pieces and stuffing it into his mouth. (Yes, we spend sometime there as we took turn to write and waited for the end product. So the boy had many chances to sneak chocs into his mouth).

Our “handwritten” chocs passing thru the conveyer belt. iIts suppose to be Zai’s initial, but it failed terribly.

There is also a retail shop at the end often tour. You can get some of their chocs home.

Some special chocloates you can get from their retail shop.

All in all we found the visit quite fun with the interesting displays and games. We spend half a day there before proceeding back to the farm for lunch.

You can check out more from their website.

Travel Tuesday Bumble Bee Mum

4 thoughts on “Melbourne 2014: Pannys Chocolate Factory (Phillip Island)

  1. Hey, I don’t see your link on Travel Tuesday.. Did you forget to add it? :p

    Anyway like OMG, what an amazing chocolate factory! Lucky Zai was sharp-eyed enough to spot it! Those penguins and SAND? Really?? Sand made of chocolates?? How long has this place been around? I’ve been to Philip Island twice but never knew there was a chocolate factory!

    1. Hi, I wanted to add yesterday but couldn’t. It says the link is closed. But it seems to be working now. I will go add it in later.

      Yes. I was quite impress for such a small chocolate factory. Its really for the young and old without being too technical. Actually we knew about it when we were doing our research on Melbourne, but we have too many places to go that we thought we might give it a miss. And yes, we are glad that we didn’t.

      I think it has been around for sometime but not sure how long. The “factory” building is not very eye catching. And its closer to the farms then penguin parade. Maybe that’s why you miss it?

      1. I see your link now, thank you for linking up! 🙂

        Hmm.. The last time I was at Philip Island was in 2008. Maybe I didn’t dig too deeply for information back then (it was a time when I still relied a lot on travel brochures for itineraries and less on travel blogs). Glad to have hopped in here and found out about this place! Will remember to go if I ever go Philip Island again. (I kind of feel going there twice is really enough for my lifetime… But then again, my kids haven’t gone there before. So you never know.)

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