Books: Itsy-Bitsy Babies

This book caught Loi’s eyes first.

I think she saw the babies on the cover, and thinks that it is a baby book. She insist that I borrow it for TT. And I’m glad we did, cause we had some fun with this book.

This book consist of “actions” that babies or toddlers can do. So when I read aloud to TT, I will get the elder two to help act it out. And very often, it will send the littlest chuckling away. And this motivates the elder two to act even more. Especially this pose.

The elder two are very proud that they can do such a pose, and the littlest just find them so funny. Hence its a win-win-win situation for all three.

Although the book is meant for babies and toddlers, I use it to teach the elder two too. Cause the text rhymes.

For Zai (5 Y.O.), I get him to answer which is the part that rhymes and guess what alphabets make up of it. For Loi (4 Y.O.) it’s just exposure to learning about rhyme.

So a simple book, enjoyed by the littlest and learning opportunities for the elder two. Highly recommend it to those with little ones and elder siblings who likes to act.

Do you have any books suitable for us? Share it here.

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