Melbourne 2014: The Nobbies and Penguin Parade, Phillip Island

When people talk about visiting Melbourne, Phillip Island always appears on the list. And when people talk about Phillip Island, the Penguin Parade is a must see. So when our family went Melbourne last year, we also paid a visit.

The Nobbies

Further down from the Penguin Parade, is this place called The Nobbies.

The Nobbies is at the tip of the island, so it offers a breathtaking view of the costal line. And according to the website, you will be able to see fur seals on the Seal Rocks. Unfortunately, when we were there in late March it wasn’t the season, so we didn’t get to see the seals.

However, while we were walking back to the car, we spotted some penguins hiding in their burrow. That was the closest encounter we have with the Penguins. And the kids were fascinated.

So if you have some time to spare, you can pay The Nobbies a visit before heading down to the Penguin Parade.

Penguin Parade

This seems to be the highlight of the island. Indeed it was a very special experience for us. Unfortunately, no photos and videos are allowed.

This is a ticketed event, and I suggest you pay for the Penguin Plus Viewing Platform. It cost more, but the experience was good. For the Penguin Plus, we were seated at a platform while waiting for the penguins to arrive. This can be quite a wait depending on what time the sun decides to set. And with kids and all, the viewing platform will be better. Besides, there are volunteers at the platform to do some background explanation to us.

Basically, the penguin parade is about the Penguins returning home after a day in the sea. In the morning, the Penguins will head out to the sea for food and also to escape the “eyes” of the predators like the eagle. And when sunset, and visibility is low, they will come out of the waters and head home. (There was a family joke when we were there. Zai was asking why the Eagles eat the Penguins. And I told him it’s because the Penguins are food for the eagle. Just like the chickens he love to eat. And the boy reply was “But I don’t eat the chicken on the floor…”. My young and innocent boy then.)

At the platform, you will be one of the first few to see the Penguins emerge from the waters. They are really cute, and when they march in a line, it’s even more adorable. You can follow the penguins on their way home. You will be walking on some build up pavement, while they march beside you. It’s a pretty close encounter. The kids likes it too. But the walk is a little long. So my young kids (4 yo and 2 yo) lost interest after a while.

As with most tourist attraction, there is a visitor center. You can find the usual souvenir shop and a cafe there. The kids had a bite before we head out for the parade. And if my memory didn’t fail me, there is a complimentary drink with our tickets.

If you have animal loving kids, then I think you shouldn’t miss this. Please visit their website for more details.

Have you visit The Nobbies or Penguin Parade before? What are your views? Share with us.

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12 thoughts on “Melbourne 2014: The Nobbies and Penguin Parade, Phillip Island

  1. Sound similar to Penguin Island, but this is more ‘natural’ as you need to wait for the penguin to return home. The former had feeding time fixed.

    1. Thanks for the intro, I just Googled on Penguin island. Looks interesting too. Yes, this is more “natural” in a way. They only have an estimated time where the sun will set, so we really have to depends on luck.

  2. Thank you for linking up on Travel Tuesday. I have been to Philip Island TWICE. First time with a tour group where I nearly froze to death because nobody warned us the wind would be SO COLD even in summer. Second time on our own where we brought our own blanket and mats to sit on the beach and it was a much more enjoyable. Experience does count. Hahaha…

    And oh my.. I choked on my tea when I read “But I don’t eat chickens on the floor…”

    1. Thanks for the comment. Now that you mention, yes I recalled it was freezing cold when we visited the Penguin Parade. We were wrapped from head to toe and is still cold.

      Hahaha.. Kids are innocent aren’t they. Lol.

  3. I have never been to Australia but I would love to see this area (more if there are penguins around). The rocks and the beach look nice too.

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