My Life: Managing 2015 Q2 Review

The 2nd quarter of 2015 has again zoomed past us. It’s time to reflect and look back at the goals I set out at the beginning of the year.

PMP Certification
I’m making zero progress in his area. I told myself to read while on the train back from work. But for a large part of Q2, I was hooked to the game Tsum Tsum, so I spend hours (accumulative) on it after work. It’s only in the last two weeks that I slowed down on the game, but I turned to blogging. So no reading was done in that area. Hopefully, I can dedicate at least two days each week in the upcoming months.

More time on the kids studies
For a while I went full force in ensuring I spend time with them every weekday on their studies. We were making some progress especially with the girl as she can recognize more alphabets after my one-to-one coaching. And she seems to get the idea that she need to learn the letters. However, I lost “steam” in the last month. Having to eat and coach at the same time is no joke. It makes everybody frustrated when I can’t eat in peace.

I have since swapped things round a little. I coach them while I pump. And on certain days they just read the words they learned at Berries to me, and no writing is required.

Leisure Reading
The first week after my Q1 review, I manage to squeeze in time to read while having my breakfast at home. However, some things distracted me after that and I spent my time on the Internet instead. Now I’m back on track with my reading. Very slowly though.

Get back in shape and better health
This is still seriously lacking. I still haven’t start exercising for fear of drop in milk supply. And I haven’t got my butt moving in doing stretches. I really need to start doing so.

But I did cut down on my food intake. I read somewhere that breast milk consist mainly of water, protein and fats. So we should up our water and protein intake. For fats, they will just take from existing fats in the body! This means I have been adding unnecessary carbs into my diet. I have since cut down on carb intake. I lost 1kg in the first week. But somehow the fats came back, so I only lost about 0.5kg till date. I hope I can shed the remaining 6.5kg soon!

Blogging wise I’m more or less on track. I manage about a post every week. For my help out at SMB, I have manage to get the post on time except for one week. I PMed the Mummy but I think she doesn’t have Facebook messenger so she did not reply, and I didn’t have time to follow up on that. So till date she is still not scheduled. I need to contact her soon.

Looks like I have been doing pretty well so far. Keeping at least 3 out of 5 goals in check although I still need to buck up in some area. How about you? Half a year has gone past. Have you achieve what you set out to do at the beginning of the year?


4 thoughts on “My Life: Managing 2015 Q2 Review

  1. Kudos for keeping 3 out of 5 goals! As a mom, life pulls us in all direction, so keeping with what we set out to do at the start of the year isn’t easy. I didn’t make many goals – just being fully present when I’m with family and friends and blog twice a week. Blogging front, I’m ok but I’ve taken on so much more since then, with writing a book and working on a tv program, it’s hard to be fully present ALL THE TIME (I mostly work from home.)

    1. Thanks Michelle. Well, don’t take it too hard on yourself. I think if you see yourself constant improving, as in being more and more present with your family and friends then it’s very good already. 🙂

  2. You did a great job, Jac. Being mothers, we have so many things we want to accomplish, yet very little time. I am also guilty for not doing enough exercise!

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