Play@SG: 261 Jurong East St 24

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

I’m a crap crab person. As in I love eating crabs. There was a year where I had so much crab that my cholesterol level shot to an all time high. It came down after I cut down on my crab feasting. However, ever since the kids came along, I hardly have a chance to eat crab. This is because I either have to feed the kids that leave me little time to eat, or I need to finish quickly so I can take care of them.

This year on my Dad’s birthday, my sis suggested having crab for dinner. I was very happy but I doubt I could enjoy my meal much because of the kids. But I was wrong! Why? It’s because there is this playground just next to the “restaurant”. The kids need not cross any road, and you can even watch out from your seat if you choose certain table. But I’m not revealing which “restaurant” it is as it’s not a sponsored post. You can ask Mr Google.

Anyway, back to the playground. The pics should tell the story.

An overview of one side of the playground.
The other side of the playground with the “restaurant” in the background.
Close-up on some of the features of the playground.

Base on the kids reaction, they will probably give a 4.5/5 rating for this playground. They played while waiting for food to be served and went back to play again after eating. I’m pleasantly surprise that even Loi enjoyed it. Cause she is the one who usually gets bored easily at a playground.

For Mummy, this playground rates 5/5. As its relatively clean, not crowded, the kids enjoy and more importantly I got to savor my crab slowly. Lol.
If you are in a need for a crab break, you can check it out!

Blk 261 Jurong East St 24 S(600261)

Do you know of any playground like this? Share with us so we can all benefit and enjoy some peaceful meals. T.I.A.


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