Shopping: Cloth Diaper Fastener and Pants

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid or sponsored post.

In the recent years, I have turned into a Taobao shopping queen. I’m not an expert yet as I still don’t deal with the sellers directly but through an agent. But I’m turning to Taobao because I have some good quality buy from there. Especially for the kids stuff. You know how fast kids out grow their clothes or spoil their toys. So when the thing comes from Taobao, the heartache is lesser.

Initially I was also skeptical about their quality and if there are any harmful materials used in their products. But after a few purchase and learning a tip or two from other buyers, I must say most of the things appear safe if you buy from reputable sellers. But I must state that I buy mainly clothing and books. Occasionally toys for the elder kids where I know they don’t put in their mouth. And again exercise caution where necessary.

Of course, not all my purchases turn out good. There were times where the product came looking very different from what was stated. As such, I decide to post and share some good buys that I made. And hopefully you all will find it useful. (Since Taobao shopping is already quite well known in Singapore, I shall not elaborate further on it. You can email me if you want to know how to shop there.)

Today, I’m going to introduce two good product that I have come across. Cloth diaper fastener and pants.

When the kids were newborn, I let them wear traditional cloth diaper aka 尿布 during the day. This is because it is more gentle to their butt and more economical. All my three kids are breastfed. This means they poo a lot when they are young. Sometimes the poo is smaller than a 5 cent coin. But a poo is a poo. You just have to change them whenever it happens. So if we are on disposable diapers, we will go broke pretty soon (ok, maybe not so exaggerating, but you get the idea). So cloth diaper is a good solution.

For the elder two, I fasten the diaper with a string. The solution work except that sometimes they cry so badly that you don’t have time to tie a knot properly. Or in some case the knot get tangled or came loose. This time round for TT, I spotted this item on Taobao.

Cloth Diaper fastener from Taobao.

This is a fastener for the cloth diaper. Basically you wrap it around the diaper and fasten with the button base on the size of your baby. No matter how tiny your baby is, it works. And since it’s an elastic band, its pretty snug as well. I thought this is a very brilliant design. And it’s not new as it can be found in the older kids pants for waistline adjustments.

Keyword: 尿布扣 可调节
Price: SGD0.70 (pack of 4 – weight is negligible. As it was sent with other items I do not have a breakdown)
(If you use 65Daigou and wants to but this item, please help us by clicking here.)

As good as this product is, there is always an issue with cloth diaper. The pee or poo seeps through the cloth. I cannot count how many times my own clothes got wet because I was carrying the kid and they decide to do their business. So when TT turned 1 month, I put this on for him.

Diaper pants from Taobao

This is a diaper pants worn over the cloth diaper to prevent seepage. For the elder two, they only wore diaper pants when they were older. Cause the diaper pants in SG goes by sizes and cannot be adjusted except for the waistline. I lost count on the number of time the kids poo leaked from those diaper pants because the size was a little too big. Ok, I’m a little stingy cause I didn’t get the smaller size as they will out grow it pretty fast.

However, this diaper pants from Taobao is different. Notice the buttons on the pants? They do wonders. The first row from the top is for waistline adjustment, as per what we have in Singapore. The clever part is row two to four. They are for adjusting the length aka size of the pants. How you do is you button the 2nd row to either the 3rd or 4th row. Depending on the size of your baby. And it’s pretty snug! See TT in it.

TT in Taobao disaper pants @ 1 month+

Ok, there are still seepage especially when they are not worn properly, but it’s so much better than the ones that I used previously. And initially I was worried the material is a little thick as it is not the “net” kind of lining inside (like those in Singapore). However, it’s not. I have not felt TT sweating in those pants. Besides, this make the pants more durable. Those netting tend to “break” after repeated washing. And is hard to scrub when they got stained. (I just check Taobao, they have the “net” version for summer. So if you buy during this season, you can get the “net” ones. But I prefer this.)

Keyword: 宝宝防漏透气布尿裤
Price: SGD1.96 (Exclude domestic and shipping to SG. Weight about 0.12kg. I bought with other items, so this is just estimate.)
(If you use 65Daigou and wants to but this item, please help us by clicking here.)

There are many other cute designs from other sellers. So if you use the keyword to search, you can find more variety. But if you are lazy, you can click on the link. BTW, I’m not affiliated with the sellers. They just happened to provide the best price with reasonable reviews when I was buying these products. However, the 65daigou links are affiliated. It won’t cost you a cent but can help this mummy here earn some rebates.

Hope you will find this post useful. Have you bought anything from Taobao for your kids that is good and you want to recommend? Let us know.


3 thoughts on “Shopping: Cloth Diaper Fastener and Pants

  1. Hi, what’s Taobao, is it something like Qoo10, and is it only in Chinese language? My daughter is also wearing cloth diaper. I use AlvaBaby (about $6.00 per piece, including shipment etc), and I thought it’s already the cheapest I can find (compare to MooMooKow, Bumwear and other much more pricier dipes). The one that you use here is so cheap, is it just the outer layer (aka diaper cover)? Or basically a pocket diaper that you can stuff absorbent fabric inside? Thanks

    1. Hi fiftarina,

      Yes, it’s somewhat like qoo10, just that its base in China. So all the sellers are from there and their site is in Chinese. But I do notice a lot of local sellers from Qoo10 buy their products from Taobao and resells it at Qoo10. So if language is a barrier to you, maybe you can try Qoo10. And I think you can also Google, as some agents do help to deal in English.

      And yes, it’s just an outer cover to the cloth nappy so that wetness doesn’t seep through.

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