Development: TT @ 4 and 5 months

I’m late for TT 4th month development, so I’m gonna do both month together since his 5th month is also coming.

4th Month
Achieved Skills

  • Holds head up steadily
  • Can bear weight on legs
  • Coos when you talk to him
  • Does mini push-ups

Emerging Skills

  • Can grasp a toy
  • Reaches out for objects
    Trying to recall. I think so.
  • Can roll over

Advanced Skills

  • Imitates speech sounds – baba, dada
  • May cut first tooth

5th Month
Achieved Skills

  • Can distinguish between bold colors
    Ermmm… how do you tell if he can really distinguish?
  • Can roll over
    Yes. But he is a little lazy, so he doesn’t do it often.
  • Amuses himself by playing with his hands and feet
    Hmmm… this is a little tough. He does have the habit of pulling his own feet and let go. But is he amuse? I’m not too sure.

Emerging Skills

  • Turns towards new sound
    I think yes. That day Chubby knocked an ice cream stick on a glass bottle by his side. He did turn towards it.
  • Recognizes own name
    I’m not so sure, but I think yes. Everyday when I get home from work I will look for him and call out his name. Most time he will look at me and smile. Not sure if because he recognizes my voice or his name.

Advanced Skills

  • May sit momentarily without support
    Don’t think so. He now sits in a bamboo chair supported by pillows. He leans towards one side when not prop up properly.
  • Mouths Object
    Does this mean putting things into his mouth? Then Yes. He bites on his toys and even brought our hand to his mouth to chew on.
  • Stranger anxiety may begin
    Luckily no such symptoms now. That day he allowed my friends to carry him without fussing.


TT mouthing his favourite Sophie

Dear TT,

Time flies and you are already 5 months old. These two months are a leap change for you, as with most babies. We finally manage to train you to drink at every 3-4 hrs instead of the 2-3hrs. Your current milk intake is about 160ml per feed.

You also manage to sleep through when you were 4 months plus. Unfortunately, Mummy is experiencing a drop in my milk supply this two weeks, hence you didn’t get your extra bottle before the latch at bed time. As such you woke up in the middle of night again. Mummy is trying to get her supply back up and hopefully you can get back to sleeping through. Please help pray for Mummy to have more milk for you, ok?

You had 2 immunization this two months. You were very brave on the last one. You didn’t cry, Mummy is so proud of you. Your growth is still around the 25-50 percentile for weight and height. Hopefully we can beef you up when you start solid next month.

Mummy is still feeling the guilt towards you. Mummy is sad that she does not have enough time to spend with you. On weekday nights, she only has a short half hour after her pump, shower and dinner. And this half hour is usually spent coaching your GorGor and JieJie in their studies. Mummy is still trying to find more time. Hopefully when you start solid, your demand for milk supply will drop and Mummy can reduce the duration of her pump and thereby more time. But Mummy is still stress that her supply may drop.

Unlike your siblings, you are hardly nurse to sleep. As in, you fall asleep at Mummy chest. By wakes up the moment I put you down. And you tend to bully Mummy. It takes me a long time to put you back to sleep, but you fall asleep easily when it’s done by Auntie. Like yesterday, after nursing and carrying you for an hour, you still refuse to sleep. But Auntie manage to get you to sleep in less than 15mins. Actually, this shows how much a main caretaker Auntie is to you. Mummy feels a little sad and a little bad about it.

Mummy really hope to do more with you. And Mummy love your sunshine smile you flash every time Mummy looks and talk to you. Stay happy ok? Mummy loves you.


PS: Mummy is struggling whether to continue posting about your development update due to privacy. And whether to still show your full face pics. She can always make it a private post. But she is scared that if she suddenly dies, no one will be able to see these private posts meant for you all when you all grow up. So until she finds a solution, you are still going to see this for a while. Hope you don’t mind.


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