Play@SG: Dinosaurize Me @ Plaza Sing

The boy is a Dino fan. He knows a number of dinosaurs by name and his birthday theme last year was on Dinosaur. However, this lazy Mummy did not take his interest further by borrowing books on Dinosaur for him. As such his knowledge of Dinosaurs are limited. So when I receive an email from Plaza Sing inviting the kids to the media preview of Dinosaurize Me!, I was really happy. I asked the boy and we skipped school just to attend this preview. 

This is the smaller dinosaur bone on display. There is a 3 storey high dino which my iPad can’t capture properly. The event is on going till 14 June.

Dinosaurize Me! is brought to you jointly by PS and Science Center. So you will expect not just Dino bones display but educational shows and workshops.  

The educational Dino show.

Do you know how the paleontologist know how old the dinosaur is when it died? How about how did they find out if the breed of dinosaurs are herbivores or carnivorous? Well, you can find out the answer through the stage show. It was indeed quite educational. This not well read mummy certainly learned a lot that day.

Apart from the show, there are 3 workshop stations and a sand pit. We manage to squeeze in time for two of the workshops and of course the sand pit.

The first wokshop that they went to. They were asked to cut out the spiral timeline, and paste the different Dinosaurs on base on the era they lived in. Well, it was a little tough for the boy as the scissors was quite tight and the paper was thick. He ended up cutting out the dinos and pasting. But he was happy with it and brought to school for his show and tell.
This workshop allows you to create dinosaur “fossils” using either clay or plasticine. Well, i recommend you to complete this station first as the clay took a long time to dry. We did this last, so we went for lunch and went back to collect later.
The boy had lots of fun trying to fix the Dinosaur bones together. Unfortunately, this need team work to hold the parts up and I think there are missing pieces. Hence, he didn’t get to complete it.

It was a fun day for us, and an achievement unlock for me. As it’s the first time I brought them out all by myself and taking public transport. I’m happy that they have finally reach a stage that is easier for me to manage.

*Disclaimer: We were invited to this media preview. No monatary compensation was received. All opinions are our own.


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