Home TV: Octonauts

While some parents are advocates of no TV and no smart device for their kids, I took the stand of in between. Maybe I’m not a good Mum, but at times, I needed the TV and smart devices to baby sit the kids, especially when it’s one vs many.

We allow the kids to use the devices and watch TV since they turn one. But at 15 to 30 minutes block each time. This is to ensure their eyes gets rest. We also control the program they watch and the apps they use. (Yes, I check what they watch on YouTube too.)

I’m not sure if this parenting method is correct but this is what works for us. And I must say the kids learned from such apps and programs. (Zai picked up his alphabets by watching Word World.) Basing on this, I hope to share more such educational stuff on my blog, so parents can decide if they want to let their kids use or watch.

One good TV program, a cartoon to be exact, that we came across is Octonauts. The boy first caught it when we visited Melbourne a year ago but he doesn’t remember the name. Late last year, he saw the thumbnail on a video streaming app and told us he wanted to watch that (though it’s in Chinese). And it has since been his favorite cartoon thus far. His birthday theme this year was also base on Octonauts. 

The boy’s octonauts toys. The characters in Octonauts and their Octopod .

Octonauts is about this group of animals that worked and stay in the sea to “explore, rescue and protect”. Explore is to explore the underwater world. Rescue is to rescue the sea creatures that are in danger due to natural disasters or others. Protect is to protect the ocean.

Each episode consist of an individual story. Usually involving a kind of sea creature. They usually intertwined the features of the sea creature to an interesting story so that the kids can learn and remember. For example, in the episode of the whale shark, one of the Octonauts got swallowed into it and the captain and vice captain went to save her. While inside the whale shark, they explain the different parts of the whale. Like which part is for the water to go out but keep the food in. It’s really interesting. Like watching documentaries in a very easy to understand way. 

This book is called “Octonauts Creature Report”. It shows the different creatures mentioned in the TV series and providing similar information as what has been mentioned. A good supplement to the show.

In the Chinese version which we watched over streaming, they actually have a summary showing the sea creatures in the real form, i.e not cartoon but real videos. They will sing the features of the creature to a catchy tune to reinforce what has been mentioned. However, the English version that I saw doesn’t have this summary, so it’s kinda of a pity.

The show is not available on SG TV yet. However, it’s books (the original source that inspires the series) and DVD are available from the National Library. Just search for “Octonauts” in their catalog. 

The books I got for the boy (off Amazon) as party favors for his friends at school.

So if you have a kid that loves animals or sea creatures, you can consider sharing with them about this series.

Do you have any TV cartoon that you know but is not popular in SG yet? Do share with us in the comments so we can all learn about it. T.I.A


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