Play@SG: Ridout Tea Garden

About 1.5 years ago I started the Play@SG series to introduce free playgrounds and play areas in Singapore. Unfortunately, I was over ambitious in trying to put too many info in my post that I find it tough to continue the series. After giving it some thought, I decide to relaunch the series. I will let the pics do the talking while I pen in a few notes.

The playground that has the honor in the relaunch is the playground in the Macdonalds at Ridout Tea Garden. 

The little playgorund that belongs to Macdonalds at Ridout Tea Garden

Ridout Tea Garden is located at Queensway. In the little “Garden”, is this Macdonalds that comes with its own playground. The playground is not big but the tunnels and climbing structure is a little different from our neighborhood playground and closer to those found indoor.
Notice the “helicopter” like structure at the top left?
Macdonalds with playground are getting lesser these days. And I always associate the “helicopter” structure with Macdonalds playground, hence its not easy to find such structure in SG now. So if you have the time, do pay a visit to this place. Erm… They won’t actually check if you are a diner from Macdonalds.

By the way, this Macdonalds also have a special dedicated corner for kids to hold their birthday party. Having a Macdonalds party was a dream of mine when I was young, not sure about you. 😛 (And nope, Macdonalds did not sponsor this post.)

If this Macdonalds alone is not enough to attract you to Ridout Tea Garden, you might be please to know that there is a nursery by Far East Flora (again this post is also not sponsored by them) behind the Macdonalds. You can bring the kids for a walk inside for some greenery. But do remember your mosquito repellent before entering.

Ok, enough said. The address is as follows:

580 Queensway Singapore 149066

Do drop me a message if you spot any interesting playground. I might just convince Chubby to bring the kids there.

PS: If you are interested in finding more playgrounds or free play areas in Singapore, you can visit Ai Sakura or Gingerbreadmum.


5 thoughts on “Play@SG: Ridout Tea Garden

  1. We were there on May day! It used to be our courtship place, yes… Mac Donalds haha… we love the bamboos and the serenity. And we brought our children there so that they know where their parents went before marriage 🙂 love this place.

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