Development: TT @ 3 Months

Chart from Baby Centre UK.

Achieved Skills

  • Laughs and smiles
    Definately. This little boy is a happy kid. He smiles when you look and call to him. And if you use a cuter voice, he may even laugh out (pretty) loud.
    The happy boy who is always smiling.
  • Holds head steady
    More or less. I haven’t been spending enough time with the boy to give a definite answer. Every time I carry him, he wants milk and will be crying. So I can’t really tell. Sigh, FTWM guilt.
  • Recognizes your face and scents
    Another FTWM guilt. I have no idea. Even if he does, it would have been his main care taker, i.e my MIL and helper.

Emerging Skills

  • Squeals, gurgles, coos
    He does that even at 2 months. Like I mention, he is a happy boy. Sometimes he gurgles to attract your attention too.
  • Recognizes your voice
    Probably. When I reach home after work, the first thing I do is look at him and call him. There were cases where he looks like he is trying to make out something, then he breaks into his mega watt smiles.
  • Does mini push up
    I think I did saw it once or twice.

Advanced Skills

  • Turn towards loud sound
    Nope. I’m a little worried about his hearing. When you hold a rattle and shake it beside him, sometimes most times he doesn’t really respond. Even if he does, it was after a while, and you are not sure if he heard it or he happen to turn to that direction.
  • Can bring hands together and may bat at toys.
    Hands together, yes. But not bat at toys.
    Putting his hands together so he can suck them!
  • Can roll over
    Half way. He can flip his body to a side but is unable to flip his butt. LOL.

Dear TT,

Mummy has been back to work for about a month already. Mummy misses you lot. She is so busy everyday after work that she hardly has time to play and interact with you. Nonetheless, thanks for being the good boy who is willing to just lie down and watch your GorGor and JieJie play. Mummy hope that she can spend more time with you once you start solids and she can reduce her number of pumps. 

As of now, you drink about 5 bottles of milk (140ml each) in the day and latch once before you sleep. You wake up only once in the night for your feed. Mummy is really thankful that you are reduced to only one feed per night so early. There was twice you actually slept thru. Looks like we can start sleep training you soon.

Habit wise, you like to pull and lift up your own shirt. Flashing your tummy. And is constantly drooling, making your shirt wet. So we have to put on bibs when you are out, covering the cute rompers Mummy got for ya. Hmm, maybe Mummy should get you more cute bibs instead.

Please maintain your happy self and did I mention your mega watt smiles are really infectious? Everyday when Mummy reached home, tired from work, she sees your happy smile she will feel better and motivated. She is glad that she decide to have you though things are not easy for her now. So continue to be Mummy’s happy medicine ok?

We love you.



4 thoughts on “Development: TT @ 3 Months

  1. Awwww…… Yes to the megawatt megamelt smiles! Don’t worry too much about hearing now? Continue to monitor and check with the Dr during his check ups. : )

  2. He is adorable! One feed in the night at this stage is a remarkable achievement, well done to you and TT. Keep up the good job! (shoo away the guilt!)

    Looking the pictures and his development, I miss babyhood!

    1. Thanks PC. Yes, he is a relatively easy baby. I didn’t train him on the single feed, he self-trained. Lol. Yes, I enjoying all the babyhood I can before he grows up, as this will very likely be my last time.

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