My Life: Managing 2015 1st Quarter Review

It’s April and 1st quarter of 2015 has zoom pass me while I was busy being a cow (read getting milk for TT). I previously blogged about the things I want to achieve and the time table I set out for myself, now is a good time to review it.

For my confinement timetable, I was able to follow thru quite consistently. During that few weeks, I manage to read up a few chapters of my PMP book and also complete a book for leisure reading.

Unfortunately, when I got back home and is still on maternity leave, I wasn’t able to follow thru much of the schedule. The first week, I did a little decluttering as CNY was in 2 weeks time. Hence I forgo the timetable during that period. After CNY, I was adjusting my pumping timing as TT goes on full bottle feed during the day. I also suffered lots of block ducts during that period and couldn’t establish much routine. Until March came.

I more or less settled on the timing for pumping, but as a result I couldn’t really find time to read for leisure or for my certification. But I manage to squeeze in time to read to TT and showed him flash cards.

I returned to work last week and put my last timetable to trial. Some adjustments were made as I had to change my pump timing again. I manage to get most activities done except reading for leisure. I still couldn’t quite fit it in yet with my current commitment in breast feeding. The progress for other activities like blogging and studying is also going at a slower pace, so I will still need to see how to readjust myself in the coming months.

And I have decided to put my exercise plan on hold. This is because I realize my milk supply drops when I sweat. So I’m going to do some stretches and skip the gym for now.

All in all I’m still quite happy that I’m making small progress in the objectives I set out to achieve, with the exception of getting back in shape and reading. I need to remind myself that and work out a better plan for the next quarter.

Did my Mummy say she needed more time? How?
Did my Mummy say she needed more time? How to do it?

How about you? Are you making progress in the resolutions you set at the beginning of the year?


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