Letter to my 5 year old First Born

Dear Zai,

Your long awaited March have arrived and you are now 5 years old already. As Mummy look at you while you sleep at night, I couldn’t help but feel you are so grown up already. Your little feet is no longer little, they are as long as my hand. Mummy is also a little sad that I didn’t spend enough time with you. With the arrival of your DiDi its going to be even tougher. Well, the guilt of a full time working mummy.

Moment of you looking lovingly at DiDi.

But luckily you are in good hands. You have a great preschool that caters to your need to run outdoors. But you will still feign stomache on days just to stay home to play. However, Mummy is sure you still like school lots and wants to go back. Let’s just hope you continue this love for learning when you reach primary school.

In terms of academic, your love for reading and curiousity has make you on par if not better with most of your peers. However, you absolutely hated writing. Especially those boring repetitive writing training. You are more receptive if the writing involve some activities like counting and writing the answer. But after a few months of training, you are now getting better at it. I think you have resign to fate learned that you can’t run away from it. You use to have a comment “老師指導下完成” in your Berries workbook. But now there are lesser and you have even earn yourself stars. Mummy is really happy to see that. It shows that you have grown and know what is expected of you.

For physical growth we never have to worry much about you. You are not the tallest in your class but we think you grow well. You are not fat but neither are you skinny. And you eat well. On some days, you can finish a packet of noodles on your own. Your gross motor skills have always been good and recently you learn to ride on the balance bike that we brought you 2 years ago.

Mummy is quite surprise you can balance on the bike for a short while after playing with it a few times.

For emotional growth, you are still the boy who is full of emotions. You get upset easily when people don’t listen to you or follow your instructions. Mummy and Daddy is still trying to find a way to explain to you that the universe does not revolve around you. You are slowly understanding it, but can’t control yourself yet. You are also a sensitive boy. When we went to watch “Shaun the sheep” in the theaters, you almost teared when they were almost pushed off the cliff. Having say all that, you are still generally a happy boy. You get upset easily but you laugh easily too. And you are a good GorGor who love your siblings deep down inside although you fight with MeiMei often.

Being squash by DiDi and MeiMei but you are still happy.

You still enjoy pretend play which makes you popular among the girls in your class. Your favorite cartoon now is Octonauts and you hope that one day you can be an Octonauts to save the sea creatures. Well, that’s quite a good ambition. You like to be Dashi, the character in Octonauts who is a photographer. She is also the one who knows about the environment. So Mummy is using this to encourage you to read and write more.

You now have ideas of your own. You requested for the fruit cake and placing your Octonauts toy on top to suit the theme.

It has been a wonderful year for us and Mummy still marvel at your growth. Mummy hope that in the coming year your can learn to control your emotions better, learn to speak slower and have more patience. Stay a happy and curious boy. We love you always.



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