Development: TT @ 2 Months

2nd Month recording. Milestone chart from Baby Centre UK.

Achieved Skills

  • Vocalises sounds – gurgling and cooing
    Yes. He makes sounds even when he is asleep.
  • Follows objects
    Yes. He follows the flashcards that I show him.
  • Holds head up for short periods

Emerging Skills

  • Smiles responsively, laughs
    Yes! He has very lovely smiles and will always smile back when you great him “good morning”.
  • Holds head at 45-degree angle
    Yes, for a short while.
  • Movements become smoother
    Don’t think so.

Advanced Skills

  • Holds head steady
    Nope. Hoping he can do so soon so we can carry him up to see things.
  • Bears weight on legs
    Don’t think so. Never really tried.
  • May lift head and shoulder (mini push-up)
    Seen this only once when he woke up from his nap.

Dear TT,

You are 2 months plus already! Mummy will be going back to work next week and will be seeing less of you. Mummy will definitely miss the smiles you give every morning.

TT and his expressions.
TT and his expressions.

You have grow into certain routine. You usually nap longer in the morning and early afternoon. You can nap up to 4 hours giving us some breathing time (and napping for Mummy). You drink about 110ml per feed and about 5 times a day until the latch at night. Mummy is still pumping more as you have just settled into this routine and mummy isn’t sure you will stick to it. Lol.

Mummy also started the black and white flash card with you this month as a type of bonding. You seems to like them as you will smile and laugh a little when I read them to you. I also started reading books to you after the flash card section. I think you find the intonation I use funny and will always break into smiles when I read. You are such a happy boy.

Unfortunately, all these will be more difficult as Mummy return back to work next week. The limited night time I have will be use to teach your GorGor and JieJie, not to mention pumping of milk for you. And hopefully we can squeeze in some reading time for all of you. (Maybe if you can maintain your routine of 5 bottles, Mummy can pump lesser and thereby more time can be spent with you guys.)

TT: Don't leave me alone at home! (Actually he is crying for milk)
TT: Don’t leave me alone at home!
(Actually he is crying for milk)

It has been an interesting 2nd month with your first CNY and adjusting back home. Mummy is looking forward to your growth next month but probably couldn’t document as much with the lesser time with you. Still, stay happy ok?

Daddy, Mummy, GorGor and JieJie all love you!



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