Life: Birth Story of TT

The details are getting a little fuzzy now that TT is coming to two months, but I will try my best to pen down his birth process.

After the ECV process, I was under constant stress. I worried about TT turning back up and whether I will be able to rush to hospital in time now that I feel a constant pressure down there. I remember two Sunday before his birth, I was having consistent but not painful contractions during dinner. I asked Chubby if we should make a trip to the hospital. Not wanting to take the risk we went down after arranging for my sis and BIL to send the elder two home. But alas it was a false alarm. Even the gynae commented that the signs look so real, but I wasn’t dilating. And he mention that we did the right thing going to the hospital.

The days following I was practically “stuck” to Chubby. I took leave and went to Chubby office instead. This is such that he can send me to hospital directly should I go into labor. It was actually a nice time as I can send the kids to school too. And I have time to bond with Chubby over breakfast and lunch. Thankful that Chubby office is quite relax about me being there, although one of his colleague did mention that he sees me more than Chubby at his cubicle (LOL).

The night before his birth was the day my helper was due to return from her trip back home. When she called to arrange for the transport back, Chubby even joked to her that baby was waiting for her to be back before he comes out. And indeed after Chubby got back home from fetching our helper, I was feeling constant but non painful contractions again. I waited for a while more this time to see if they get more painful, but it didn’t. However I wasn’t feeling very well (maybe also because I was down with stomach flu). So I decide to wake Chubby up and head for hospital.

When we reach we chance upon a father whose wife just delivered their 3rd child. We asked him how long they took and he told us an hour since admission. I was hopeful that mine will be fast too so I don’t need to take epidural.

When I was finally put into a labor ward and strapped on the CTG, the midwife asked Chubby to prepare for admission. But we thought we should do all the check first in case it’s another false alarm.

After the nurse strap me up and did the dilation check, she told me I was only about 2cm dilated. But baby heart beat is low. This send me in panic mode. And maybe because of this the midwife was also less friendly and told my husband to prepare me for admission as it looks unlikely I can go back. She didn’t provide us with more info.

When I had a different midwife coming in to do a check, I asked her if everything is ok. She mention that baby heart beat is low, but my blood pressure was low as well. This could be the cause of baby low heart beat. I asked her if hunger will cause all these? She replied maybe and asked if I’m hungry. I told her yes as I didn’t had much food before bed. She gave me a cup of Milo as that’s all I could take in case I need to go for surgery.

Immediately after the Milo, baby heartbeat went back up though not to the common values I see. The original midwife came back in again. This time she was more friendly, probably less stress now that things have stabalize.

By morning the contractions were actually getting lesser, but I felt them to be more painful. So the waiting game continues. There was also a change in shift of the mid wife and I’m glad the “new” midwife was much more friendly.

By 11am (about 12 hrs after we arrive at the hospital), the pain was getting more intense. The nurse did a check I was dilating and I asked for epidural, cause it wasn’t as fast as I expect. I was very scared but the mid wife was very nice and gave me lots of encouragement. I even told the anesthesian to stop when I feel the needle poking. But he says he can’t cause the needle is already inside. To think this is my 3rd time but I’m still a boo boo.

After the epidural, I was much more relax and just waiting for baby to come. Indeed the dilation were very fast once it got past the 4cm mark. And soon my gynae was called in to prepare the delivery.

Unfortunately, the epidural was so good that I couldn’t feel a thing. I didn’t even know my water bag burst or I pooped on the bed. They tried to lower the epidural but I still don’t feel a thing. So my gynae says we just try. When they see the contraction coming (via the CTG), they told me to push. Maybe because of experience I actually was doing it right unlike my first time. My gynae even commented that this is using pure imagination to give birth. Lol.

With that, in about 2 waves of contraction, TT was out. This time round I didn’t get to check the gender myself as the midwife blurted it out. Nonetheless I was glad the delivery was smooth after all. And this should be the last time for me already.

Happy now that our family is finally complete. 🙂

Our complete family

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