Development: TT @ 1 Month

Time really zoom pass. My littlest is already more than 1 month old (that reminds me that I have yet to post on his birth story). I better start penning down his development before things got caught up with me again.

Development chart from Baby Centre UK.

Achieved Skills

  • Lifts head
    Yup for a short while
  • Responds to sound
    Sometimes. There were times he doesn’t even bother when we try to call him or catch his attention.
  • Stares at faces
    Hmm. Not for long when he just turn 1 month. But yes he does examine our face.
  • Can see black-and-white patterns
    Haven’t really tried this with him. As the flash cards I ordered for him is still on its way to SG.

Emerging Skills

  • Follows object
    Rarely. I tried a few times. Sometimes he does, but most time he just ignored me.
  • Oohs and ahs
    He makes lots of funny noise. Not sure if they are considered.

Advanced Skills

  • Smiles
    Yes but rarely. Sometime I wonder if it is a muscle reflex or a real smile.
  • Laughs
  • Holds head at 45-degree angle
    I think yes. But for a very very short while.
Our Golden Jubilee Baby @ 1 Month
Our Golden Jubilee Baby @ 1 Month

Dear TT,

This is the first open letter Mummy is writing to you. Time passes quickly, you are more than 1 month old already. Lots have happened this 1 month.

We got discharged from the hospital and stayed at PoPo house for about 1 month as Mummy did her confinement there. PoPo helped bath and clean you up during that time. And when you keep fussing during the evening, GongGong will be the one to carry and pat you back to sleep. On days when QQ is at home, he will “play” with you, sometime waking you up from your sleep. At times he also helped soothe you back to sleep. Mummy is grateful for all that help.

We also went through a rather difficult time together. You had problem latching in the beginning. But Mummy is glad that you had since picked up the skill. You are also a light sleeper who prefers to be carried to sleep (even till date). There was a day where Mummy literally carried you throughout the day because you woke up the moment Mummy put you on the bed. And you wouldn’t let Mummy sit down and insist I carried you standing and walking. How tired Mummy was.

But all that seems to have pass. You are settling into a certain routine now. You have longer hours of nap in the afternoon and is more alert in the evening. You are bottle fed in the day as Mummy needs to set the routine for her return to work. And is drinking about 100ml per feed which happens at 2 to 3 hours interval. But you still need to be nurse to sleep at night though you may have just finish a bottle of milk. Well, we shall slowly work this out ok?

As you are getting more alert, Mummy is planning to do more with you. Like singing you nursery rhymes and showing you flash cards. No, Mummy isn’t expecting the flash cards to do wonder on you but just a method for Mummy to engage in something with you. You know, Mummy doesn’t know how to just babble on without a topic. So lets hope we will have more interesting time together.

Mummy is hoping she can write you another open letter next month. Meanwhile, grow well, stay healthy and be a happy baby (Mummy caught you smiling a lot these days at 6 weeks+).

Love you always,


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