Parenting: External Cephalic Version (ECV)

About 3 months before my delivery of TT, I was asking a colleague about his sister delivery. He told me his sister had to go for a C-Sect because the baby “did not turn”. I was surprise as a few weeks before he was sharing with me that the baby has turned head down. It never occur to me that the baby will turn back. Then it was my turn.

When we visited Dr Ong in Week 31, TT was still breech. Dr Ong is a little concern but not worried as there is still time. So when we went back in Week 34, TT has turned, much to our delight. Unfortunately, when we went back in Week 36, TT decides to turn back up! I always feel some kind of flipping in my tummy. I thought he was just flipping but it appears that he is actually turning up and down.

Now that we are at week 36 and TT has decided to turn back up, Dr Ong is very concern. He told us to see him again in a few days time and check if TT is still breech. If he is, then we will probably have to do an ECV, which means Dr Ong have to help TT turn back down.

Well, this procedure is not without risk. As Dr Ong explained to us, there is a chance that the placenta may get dislodge or the umbilical cord may get tangled onto the baby or I may just go into labor. And there is no guarantee that after helping him turn, TT will not turn back up again. Upon hearing this, I was very concern. I was even contemplating whether to do this procedure or just arrange for a C-Sect directly.

But as I mention in my previous post, Dr Ong is very pro-natural. Plus this is my 3rd pregnancy so he suggest we go for the ECV first. So what does 3rd pregnancy got to do with ECV?

Well, according to Dr Ong, 3rd labor usually happen very fast. Dilation can be completed within half an hour. He has 3 patients not making to the delivery suite in time for delivery in the past 3 months because of this. So, if baby is breech and decides to come out before any scheduled C-Sect, there is a chance that the umbilical cord will drop out and it will be very dangerous. Hence, we decide to heed his advice and go for the procedure.

The ECV has to be done at the delivery suite, this is just in case the mummy goes into labor. And they need all the equipment to be around. Before the procedure, I was strapped on to monitor my contraction and baby heart beat. Just to ensure everything is fine. I was also given a jab at the tummy to relax the uterus, so that the stress will not force me into labor. Dr Ong did another ultrasound again to check that baby is still breech and identify where is the placenta.

And the procedure begins. And what Dr Ong did was to put his hands on my tummy, push and turn. He told us that TT was quite easy and followed his movement. He didn’t have to use much force, unlike the ECV he did last month where he was breaking out in sweat trying to “move” the baby. There was definitely discomfort and slight pain when he does the pushing. Dr Ong even tried to help push TT lower so that he gets engaged.

After the procedure, I was again strapped on to monitor baby heart beat in case baby decides to come out or got too stressed by the procedure. As this is my 3rd pregnancy, Dr Ong also got me to stay in the hospital for a night so that the nurse can monitor baby’s heartbeat the next morning again. Thankfully, everything turn out well and we were out of the hospital the next day and I manage to deliver TT naturally.

I later learn from the mid-wife at the delivery suite that it is not common for people to do ECV nowadays. Most doctors prefer to just go C-Sect. And this again shows how pro-natural Dr Ong is. I think he didn’t need to take the risk by going for this procedure and could simply opt for the C-Sect as an easy way out. But well, lucky for us we had a doctor who has the same beliefs as us!

The  little pair of feet that wanted to "see" the world first...
The little pair of feet that wanted to “see” the world first…

6 thoughts on “Parenting: External Cephalic Version (ECV)

  1. Wow… glad it turned out well! I have often heard of people going straight for C-sec when their baby is in breech position. Your gynae is really professional!

    1. Thanks Jayme. Yes, that is what happen to most of my friends when the baby is breech, so I was really glad that my gynae didn’t take the easy way out. Thanks for stopping by and commenting too. 🙂

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